Housing strategy

Our Housing Strategy Team works to improve Housing Services for the people of Trafford.  

After consultation between the council, housing associations, the Homes and Communities Agency and other groups, the five priorities set out are: affordability and access to housing, housing's contribution to economic development, promoting quality and sustainability, strong neighbourhoods and communities, and housing for vulnerable people.

The ways these priorities will be met include increased work between organisations such as housing associations, regeneration groups, developers and others to address the challenges.

Together with other agencies we will work to deliver a range of housing services which meet the needs of Trafford residents.

Executive Councillor Mike Cornes said: "This strategy is vital to meeting the housing needs of the people of Trafford in healthy, safe and secure neighbourhoods. It will, alongside other projects such as our sustainable communities work, homelessness prevention, and Core Strategy, deal with the increasingly complex housing issues we are facing, especially during the current economic climate."

An Executive Summary can be found in the Full Report between pages 3 and 14.

Trafford Housing Strategy 2009-12 - Full Report

Trafford Housing Strategy 2009-12 - Delivery Plans


A Housing Market Assessment document has been produced to assist the Council to set policies and identify housing needs:

  • Trafford Housing Market Assessment


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