Taxi and private hire news

Here you can catch up with the latest news about what is happening in the Taxi and Private Hire Trades in Trafford - from Council decisions and new initiatives to enforcement operations and prosecutions. If you have news you think may be of interest to the Taxi and Private Hire Trades please get in touch using the details provided on this page.

New driver applications

If you can meet all the criteria detailed in the attached guidance and wish to apply to be a hackney carriage or private hire driver please email with your name and address to request an appointment. Your email will be kept on a waiting list until we can send you an appointment date.

Once you have been assigned an appointment we will send you an application form to complete. You can either apply for a one year licence at £302.50 or a three year licence at £432.00.

Please note, the application form, medical form and DBS form should not be completed and signed earlier than 28 days before submission to the Licensing office.

We are currently processing emails received on: 18th August 2016

Please do not ring us to enquire about the progress of your email if it was submitted after the above date.  We will contact you when we are in a position to offer you an appointment.

The current waiting time for an appointment is approximately 2 years.

For further information on how to apply to become a licensed private hire or hackney carriage driver in Trafford, please read the following:

Trafford Unmet Demand Survey 2015

Under the Transport Act 1985, councils may only limit the number of hackney carriage vehicle licences issued for its area where there is no 'significant unmet demand'. The issue of whether or not there is significant unmet demand must be determined through robust statistical analysis of the results of a survey of the demand within that Authority's area. Recent Government guidance recommends that such surveys are undertaken every three years.

In Spring 2015 the Council arranged for a survey to be undertaken to report on the demand for hackney carriages in Trafford. The final report is now available to download below: