Greater Manchester Spatial Framework

Over the next twenty years there is a need to deliver continued sustainable economic growth, creating more jobs and new homes for the people of Greater Manchester.

The ten local authorities in Greater Manchester are working together on a joint plan called the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF) this is being prepared to ensure that new homes and jobs are provided in the right places with the transport (roads, rail, Metrolink) and infrastructure to support the communities and manage growth sustainably. 

The draft GMSF sets out:

  • How much housing and employment land is needed up to 2035
  • A number of strategic sites across Greater Manchester to assist in meeting these requirements.
  • The importance of infrastructure such as, health, education, transport, green spaces and utilities to support neighbourhoods and employment.
  • Ways to protect and improve the natural environment.

If you would like to know more about the GMSF and stay informed please visit the GMSF website for further information.

Further information on the proposed allocations is available on the GMSF consultation map.

Further information is also available in the GMSF FAQs.

Consultation on the draft GMSF

Formal consultation on the first draft ran from 31 October 2016 to 16 January 2017.

More than 27,000 responses were received as part of the initial consultation into the first draft of the framework. Both positive and negative issues were raised during the initial consultation. These included:

  • Concerns about the amount of greenbelt land allocated for development. This was the single biggest issue which was raised during the consultation process.
  • Others recognised the need for new housing of all types and welcomed the ambition in the plan to provide much-needed housing
  • Concerns around effects on the environment and air quality
  • The potential for job creation which the GMSF highlights was welcomed.
  • The need to link developments to infrastructure improvements
  • The types of housing and jobs being created.

These consultation responses can now be viewed, and you can access the information via the GMCA website.

Work is now being done to produce a second version of the plan which will take into account the concerns raised, through a process that will remain open and transparent.

The second draft of the plan will be developed with a view to publish it in June 2018. Following publication of the draft plan, there will be a 12-week consultation with the public.

GMSF options consultation

The GMSF Strategic options consultation took place between November 2015 and January 2016.