Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs)

Supplementary Planning Documents are non-statutory planning documents prepared by the Council in consultation with the local community. These documents are intended to provide additional information to assist with the interpretation and implementation of policies set out within the Trafford Local Plan: Core Strategy and the "saved" Policies and Proposals of the Revised UDP.

SPDs will be taken into account as a material consideration when the Council makes its decision on the many planning applications that are submitted. The weight given to Trafford's SPDs is considerable, as they are prepared in consultation with the public, revised and then approved for development control purposes by the Council.

The Council has recently reviewed all of its Conservation Areas and produced Conservation Area Appraisals and Conservation Area Management Plans (see below).

Revised SPD1: Planning Obligations 2014

The Council has adopted a Community Infrastructure Levy for Trafford, which came into effect on 7 July 2014. As a result of the introduction of CIL, planning obligations have been scaled back to just cover site specific measures that are required to make a development acceptable (such as a new road access) under Regulation 122 of the CIL Regulations 2010 as amended, and for the provision of affordable housing.

On the 24 March 2014, the Council's Executive approved Revised SPD1: Planning Obligations 2014, for adoption and implementation on the 7 July 2014.

This SPD replaces the following planning guidance:

SPD 2 – A56 Corridor Development Guidelines

The SPD seeks to set out an integrated approach to action along this important sub-regional transportation corridor and provides guidance on how improvements will be implemented through measures such as planning applications, planning enforcement, development briefs and developer contributions. This SPD was adopted in March 2007 under the Local Development Framework (LDF) regulations. However, although this document is relatively up to date, it relates to superseded UDP policies and therefore on 9 February 2012, the Council’s Planning Development Control Committee adopted this SPD for development management purposes until such time that it is formally reviewed in the context of the new planning framework for Trafford, published for a statutory period of public consultation, and formally adopted by the Council’s Executive.

SPD 3 – Parking Standards and Design

The purpose of this SPD is to assist with the interpretation and implementation of Policies contained within the Core Strategy of the Trafford Local Development Framework relating to vehicle and cycle parking standards and design. This SPD replaces PG21 - Car Parking Standards (1995).

The draft SPD was subject to a six week public consultation period between the 7 March 2011 and 18 April 2011. Elements of the SPD were also part of an earlier consultation on Supplementary Planning Documents – Scope and Issues that took place in October / November 2009.

SPD 4 – A Guide for Designing Housing Extensions and Alterations

This SPD comprises procedural advice, general design and amenity principles that are applicable to all forms of household development, more detailed advice for specific forms of development and special factors that may need to be taken into consideration with some householder applications. This SPD replaces PG2 – House Extensions (1994).

The draft SPD was subject to a six week public consultation period between the 7 March 2011 and 18 April 2011. Elements of the SPD were also part of an earlier consultation on Supplementary Planning Documents – Scope and Issues that took place in October / November 2009.

SPD 5 – Conservation Areas

These documents are intended to identify the special interest of the conservation area along with elements that are worthy of retention or enhancement as well as those elements that detract from the character and appearance.  They will also act as a framework for development management, providing a greater understanding of the special interest of the area.  SPD 5.5 and SPD 5.5a on The Downs replaces any guidance on The Downs in PG7, The Downs, Devisdale and Ashley Heath (1992). SPD 21 and 21a replaces South Hale Conservation Area Planning Guidelines (1996).



























SPD6 - Houses in Multiple Occupation - Consultation Draft Revised Supplementary Planning Document

Trafford Council has published a draft Revised Supplementary Planning Document for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO), for public consultation: SPD6 - Draft Revised Supplementary Planning Document for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO)

Once adopted, this Revised HMO SPD will supersede the historic Supplementary Planning Guidance for HMOs which was adopted in 1992 and which is now considered to be out of date in terms of considering proposals for HMOs.

A new University campus and associated student accommodation is proposed at a number of locations within Stretford (known as ‘University Academy 92’) with an anticipated opening date of September 2019. These proposals are likely to be accompanied by a significant number of students moving into the Borough and the Stretford area in particular.

There is a need to appropriately manage the delivery of student housing both to ensure the provision of good quality accommodation and to minimise any potential adverse effects on the local community and housing market.

The revised SPD will support the implementation of the Planning and Development Management Committee’s decision to approve (with immediate effect) the making of an Article 4(1) Direction in relation to HMOs, for all land within the Trafford Borough Boundary. For further details in relation to the Article 4 Direction please refer to the Trafford website.

Whilst it is not a requirement for the Article 4(1) Direction to be supported by an SPD, the Council considers that it is best practice to do so. It will help to ensure that the Council is able to plan effectively for the likely increase in the number of students moving into the borough, as a result of the new university campus being proposed within Stretford.

Responding to the Consultation

The public consultation on the draft revised SPD will run between Monday 15 January 2018 and Monday 26 February 2018.

Please return your comments to the following address, no later than 26 February 2018:

Houses in Multiple Occupation - Draft Revised SPD Consultation
Planning and Development
Trafford Town Hall, Talbot Road
Stretford, M32 0TH

Please note all comments will be held by Trafford Council and will be available to view publicly. Comments cannot be treated as confidential. Your personal information, such as your postal and e-mail address will not be published, but your name and organisation (if relevant) will.

Trafford Council maintains a database of consultees who wish to be kept informed about Trafford planning policy documents. In responding to this consultation your contact details will automatically be added to the consultation database. If you do not want to be contacted about future planning policy consultations please state this in your response.

Next Steps

After the consultation period closes, all representations received will be reviewed and consideration will be given as to whether any amendments to the SPD are necessary. The representations and the final version of the SPD will then be considered by the Council’s Executive and a decision made as to whether or not to adopt the document.