Trafford Local Plan: Land Allocations

The Trafford Local Plan: Land Allocations will be the principal means by which the objectives defined in the Core Strategy will be translated onto the ground in Trafford.

To deliver the Local Plan: Core Strategy vision, objectives and core policies, other documents will set out the detailed proposals including development sites and areas for protection against development, or at least its adverse effects. This will be done, initially, through the Land Allocations Plan.

The Land Allocations Plan will show, amongst other things:

  • The areas of land allocated for development
  • The boundaries for Strategic Locations
  • Sites for new housing and priority regeneration areas
  • Transport infrastructure, cycle-way and footpath improvement proposals etc
  • Main employment area boundaries
  • Town, district and other shopping centre boundaries, and primary shopping areas
  • Conservation Area boundaries
  • Protection of natural environment assets and green infrastructure
  • The extent of the Green Belt, areas of protected open land
  • Areas of protected open space, sport and recreation


The Council consulted on a full draft of the Trafford Local Plan: Land Allocations for 6 weeks from 3 February 2014 to 17 March 2014:

An online additional site submission form was also provided for the submission of sites which had not already been considered through previous rounds of consultation.

Please note that all comments will be held by the Council on a database for the duration of the Local Plan and will be available for public inspection under the Freedom of Information Act, 2000.

Next Steps

On 25 March 2015, the Council's Executive agreed to a delay in the production of the LAP until such time that the production of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework is further advanced together with an amendment to the Trafford Local Development Scheme (LDS) indicating this. 

All comments received as part of the February/March 2014 consultation will be reviewed and used to inform the preparation of the next consultation version of the Trafford Local Plan. All newly submitted sites will be reviewed and subject to Sustainability Appraisal as appropriate.

Previous Consultations

Find out about previous consultations on the Land Allocations Plan.