Supplementary planning guidance

The following guidance notes have been produced to accompany the Unitary Development Plan (UDP). These documents provide more details about Policies within the UDP, and have been written and adopted following public consultation:


All of the SPGs were adopted prior to the 2004 Town and Country Planning Act and Local Development Framework (LDF) and most of them relate to UDP Policies, which have now been superseded by Core Strategy Policies. However, these documents are not out-of-date or in need of immediate review because they remain consistent with Development Plan policy, as expressed in the Core Strategy, and current legislation/government guidance. Therefore because they remain relevant to the decision making process in Trafford, on the 9th February 2012, the Council's Planning Committee adopted these documents for development management purposes until such time that they are formally reviewed in the context of the new planning framework for Trafford, published for a statutory period of public consultation, and formally adopted by the Executive.