How does this work?

How to nominate someone for a Queen's Honour.

How other people in your home affect your claim

A non-dependant is a person aged 18 or over who lives in your home, or is using your home as their main home on a non-commercial basis. For example, an adult son, daughter, relative or friend can be a non-dependant.

How to claim benefits

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit are national welfare benefits which help people on a low income.Housing Benefit is paid to people with a low income who pay rent. Council Tax Benefit is paid to people with a low income who pay Council Tax.

How to open a basic bank account

Basic bank accounts are easy to use accounts that have the basic features of a Current Account. You can withdraw cash at the counter and at cash machines, you may be able to set up direct debits but you cannot have an overdraft or cheque book. If you have been unable to open a current account perhaps due to a poor credit history you maybe able to open a basic bank account. All the major banks and building societies operate them and most let you use the Post Office to get your money.

How to recruit an apprentice

Trafford Council's information on how to recruit an apprentice.

Hullard Park

Hullard Park can be found on Northumberland Road in Old Trafford. The park neighbours Seymour Park and is 4.03 hectares in size.

Humphrey Park Allotments

The web page for Humphrey Park Allotments, Trafford. Large parts of the Borough, from Timperley to Carrington, have a long tradition of allotment growing - producing fruit, vegetables, plants and flowers. For further information about locations of Trafford allotments or any other allotment enquiries email allotments@trafford.gov.uk.

Hypnotism authorisation

Requirements for hypnotism authorisation from Trafford Council
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