Becoming a Childminder

What is a childminder?

Ofsted defines a childminder as someone who looks after children under 8 years old for more than two hours a day, for reward.

  • If you are only planning on caring for a child of a close relative, you are unable to register on either the Early Years Register or Childcare Register

  • If you are intending to provide care for children in their parents' own home (nanny), or if you are planning care for children aged eight and over, you are exempt from registration. There is an option to register on the voluntary part of the Childcare Register (VCR) but this is not compulsory.

How do I become a childminder?

You will need to attend a childminder briefing session.

The briefing is an informative session to provide advice and guidance about becoming a childminder. On the briefing you will need to complete a basic literacy and numeracy skills test.

The fee for attending is £10 per person.

If you would like to book onto a briefing session, please complete our briefing session booking form, quoting the correct reference.

Childminder pre-registration course

Once you have attended a briefing session and passed the literacy and numeracy skills test, you will be invited to apply for a place on the pre-registration course which will include a face-to-face paediatric first aid course as well as e-learning mandatory courses.

Book onto a childminder pre-registration course, quoting the correct reference.

The next childminding course will be taking place at Sale West Conference Centre, Manor Avenue, Sale, M33 5JX.

Details are as follows:-

Course details and costs

Briefing session


Dates to be confirmed

Cost - £10

Pre-registration course


Dates to be confirmed

Cost - £200 


Paediatric first aid

Dates to be confirmed

Tea and coffee will be provided to delegates throughout the course.

There will be a 30 minute lunch break on full day courses, however lunch is not provided.

Costs involved with becoming a registered childminder

In addition to the listed costs, you may also need to purchase safety equipment, resources appropriate to the age range you intend to mind, and ensure that your home and care are adequately insured.

Childminder Costs

Service / ItemCost

Childminder briefing session


Pre-registration training course (Accredited)

including paediatric first aid


Ofsted registration fee


Childminder insurance and membership options:

Pacey Starter Pack, membership and insurance

Morton Michel Starter Pack and insurance




First aid box (Pacey)

£16 - £21

These costs are designed as a guide.

The Childcare Business Grants Scheme

This scheme is only open to newly registered early years childminding businesses who have registered with Ofsted or a CMA within the last 12 months. From 1 May 2017, a newly registered business will be one registered with Ofsted or a CMA within the last 3 months.

There are three types of grants available for newly registered early years childminders:

  • A £500 grant for an early years childminder or childcare provider on domestic premises
  • A £1,000 grant for an early years childminder or childcare provider on domestic premises of children with special  educational needs and disability (SEN/D)
  • A £1,000 grant for a Childminder Agency (CMA).

The Childcare Business Grants Scheme is funded by the Department for Education (DfE). There is a fixed amount of funding available and the scheme is due to end by 31 March 2018, or sooner if all funds have been exhausted.