Lacy Street Site - FAQs

For the latest consultation on the proposed development of Lacy Street please visit the Refreshed Stretford Masterplan consultation page.

Why is the Council consulting on this proposal now?

The site is identified in the Stretford Masterplan for a mixed use development. The Council has now completed some initial feasibility work to set out a proposed option for how the site could be developed. By consulting on the emerging proposals for the site at an early stage any concerns or areas where improvements can be made to the potential development can be identified and addressed early.

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What is the mix of uses proposed for the Lacy Street Site?

The uses identified for the site as part of the proposed option are:

  • Residential development to provide a mixed housing offer within Stretford and to support pedestrian activity and spend within the Town Centre.
  • A café/bar unit fronting onto the Bridgewater Canal as part of a small public square to help support a more vibrant evening economy.
  • A 4 storey hotel with a ground floor food operator to enhance the existing Town Centre offer.     
  • Car parking to support the new residential and potential hotel uses.

The proposed development provides a key opportunity to enhance perceptions and raise the profile of Stretford, provide a strong frontage to this key junction, deliver a more animated edge to Chester Road, and open up the Bridgewater Canal waterfront.

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How will the proposal help open up access to the Bridgewater Canal?

The proposed option provides activity along the Bridgewater Canal, new step access to Edge Lane, and enhanced pedestrian routes through the site.  This will help to significantly improve access from the town centre to one of Stretford’s key assets.

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How will the development be delivered?

The Council will seek to bring development of the site forward in partnership with a private developer. Where development is proposed on land outside the Council’s ownership then agreements with third party land owners will be required.  The Council will look to prepare a Development Framework to clearly set out the expectations as to what should be delivered on the site.

Future delivery of development on the site will be taken forward in parallel with the proposed public realm and movement improvements to ensure a comprehensive approach to the regeneration of the Town Centre.

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What will happen to the Royal Mail Sorting Office?

Initial discussions have been undertaken with Royal Mail regarding the potential inclusion of their site within the redevelopment proposals.  If the existing Royal Mail Sorting Office site is to be redeveloped the Council and/or a future delivery partner will need to come to an agreement with this landowner regarding relocation/re-provision of the facility.

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Why is the Atlas Heating and Bathrooms unit not included?

Conversations with the owners of the Atlas Heating and Bathrooms unit have identified that it will not be possible to relocate this existing use as part of these proposals. The existing property is therefore left in its current location.

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What will happen to the Probation Service Office?

Initial discussions have been undertaken with the Probation Service regarding the inclusion of their site within the redevelopment proposals. If the existing Probation Service office is to be redeveloped the Council and/or a future delivery partner will need to come to an agreement with this landowner regarding relocation/re-provision of the facility.

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Why is the Probation Service Office parcel shown as a flexible third phase?

The Probation Office parcel was not incorporated within the initial redevelopment site identified within the Stretford Masterplan.  Early stage discussions with the Probation Office have identified there is potential for this site to be included within the redevelopment.  The site is identified as a flexible phase to allow for residential uses to come forward should hotel development not be forthcoming.

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What other options have been considered for the site?

The proposed option for the site has been developed to meet the following criteria:

  • Have potential to act as a catalyst for the wider regeneration of the Town Centre
  • Be viable and deliverable
  • Provide an attractive gateway to the town centre at the corner of Edge Lane / A56 Chester Road
  • Deliver high quality design
  • Open up access to the Bridgewater Canal
  • Provide a new pedestrian link through the site
  • Consider sustainability including retention of existing green infrastructure where possible and new public open space

A number of other options have been considered but do not meet these criteria.  The existing uses on the Lacy Street site could be retained, however this would not maximise the potential of the site.  The existing Atlas Heating and Bathrooms unit could be incorporated into the development but it is considered this would not be deliverable.  Some town housing could be developed along the canal side frontage but this would make creation of a small area of open space here difficult.  The development of a hotel on the A56/Edge Lane corner could make it more challenging to retain existing trees due to the layout a future occupier is likely to seek. A lower density of development has been assessed but this is not considered likely to be viable or attractive to developers.

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How will people cross Chester Road if the existing subway is removed?

A detailed piece of work is currently being undertaken to prepare a Public Realm and Movement Strategy.  This will identify options for significant environmental improvements in the Town Centre including the potential to replace the existing subway across the A56 with a surface level crossing point as part of a wider package along the A56, Edge Lane, Kingsway and Barton Road.

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Where will existing users of the Lacy Street car park go?

If any development is brought forward on the Lacy Street car park site it will be necessary to consider how the parking requirements of the existing car park users can be appropriately met elsewhere within the Town Centre to avoid any negative impact on surrounding residential streets.  This will include detailed discussions with the operators of Stretford Mall regarding their strategy for car parking.

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Will there be an opportunity to address existing traffic issues along Lacy Street?

The Council is aware of a number of issues relating to traffic along Lacy Street.  The consideration of the proposals for this site alongside the wider Public Realm and Movement Strategy will enable this issue to be addressed in a co-ordinated way.

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What future opportunities will there be to comment on the proposals?

The Council will continue to engage with the local community as part of the wider Masterplan process.  The Stretford Panel has now been established to provide a forum for engagement with key community groups and local business representatives.

When more detailed proposals are prepared for the site taking account of comments made as part of this initial consultation process they will be subject to public consultation via the planning process in the usual way.

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