Central Neighbourhood

Organisation: Simply cycling / Trafford Wheelers

Grant Awarded: £3,280

Simply cycling / Trafford Wheelers is an all-ability cycling club which meets at Longford Stadium. They have adapted bikes that are wheelchair accessible and their main aim and passion is to get everyone cycling. They currently have 100 Trafford resident members. They want to increase this number by extending the range of bikes and activities. They hope to develop confidence, skills, and road safety awareness, whilst tackling issues around healthy lifestyles, obesity, rehabilitation and social inclusion. The group rely heavily on their valuable volunteers, cycle leaders, mechanics and tea makers. They have a 'can do' approach and believe the group can make cycling a possibility for every single person.

The grant of £3,280 will be spent on a series of "ride out" events at Crossford Bridge sports ground, specialist bikes for people with disabilities will be brought in and volunteers are to be trained in becoming ride leaders so supervised bike rides for all abilities can be taken to further locations e.g. down the Bridgewater canal.

Contact: Helen Hines
Tel: 07871 621778
Email: helenhines68@hotmail.co.uk

Organisation: Sale Moor Community Partnership

Grant Awarded: £3,000

The project will fund the work of the SMCP Community Support Worker in assisting volunteers and voluntary groups, primarily in Sale Moor but not restricted to Sale Moor. SMCP has developed over 60 volunteers in the last five years in skills such as one-stop learning and youth or community development. SMCP aim to develop a further 12 volunteers and continue the work that goes into making volunteers experience a happy and successful one.

The Grant of £3,000 will part fund a community support worker to work with voluntary groups.

Contact: Jamie Rennie
Tel: 0161 926 3636
Email: jamie@salemoorcp.org

Organisation: Sale Moor Community Partnership

Grant Awarded: £2,585

Sale Moor needs a Community Needs Assessment to allow local community groups and stakeholders to make informed decisions about what is needed locally. With the publication of the Census 2011 now is the perfect time to conduct a local assessment. The project will involve local people by developing a dozen community researchers to conduct the assessment. 60 people aim to be involved in delivering the assessment, aiming for a response of 10% of the community (500 people).

The grant of £2,585 will pay for a coordinator to train and manage the community researchers and work with local groups. They expect 60 people to be involved in delivering the assessment, aiming for a response of 10% of the community (500 people).

Contact: Jamie Rennie
Tel: 0161 926 3636
Email: jamie@salemoorcp.org

Organisation: Trafford Housing Trust and Sport Trafford

Grant Awarded: £1,058

Trafford Housing Trust and Sport Trafford propose to work in partnership to deliver a programme of Healthy Hips and Hearts (HHH) and gentle sports sessions. HHH is a programme of gentle, chair based exercise, for older people. The sessions are designed to help increase physical and mental wellbeing, improve co-ordination and assist the prevention of falls. The gentle sports consist of indoor bowling, target games, curling and many more. All sessions will be run at Trafford Housing Trust's sheltered schemes, which are open to all older people (not just THT tenants). All sessions are designed to be fun and social, with far reaching and long lasting health benefits.

The grant of £1,058 will allow 13 people to train in and then deliver a programme of Healthy Hips and Hearts/ Gentle Sports sessions, bringing a range of proven health and wellbeing benefits to older people across central Trafford.

Contact: Brian Allen
Tel: 0161 968 0296
Email: brian.allen@traffordhousingtrust.co.uk

Organisation: Salvation Army

Grant Awarded: £11,680

Growing Together is a project creating a community garden and allotment on land owned by The Salvation Army Church. Aimed at bringing old and young, able bodied and non-able bodied together to create a garden/allotment from nothing. Reaching out to all local residents, especially those flat/ apartment residents who no longer have the joy of a garden, this project will encourage community spirit, friendship, healthy activity and fun.

The grant of £11,680 will pay for Paving, Fencing, Surfacing, Lean to greenhouse, Garden furniture, hire of rotovator and slate cover for the footpaths. It is envisaged that 300+ people could benefit from the project.

Contact: Rachel Steward
Tel: 0161 976 4380
Email: rachel.steward@salvationarmy.org.uk

Organisation: The Sale West and Ashton Partnership (Supporting Social Enterprise)

Grant Awarded: £3,346

The Sale West and Ashton Partnership would like to help members of the community deliver more through business startups and opportunities for social enterprise. There are a number of social enterprise opportunities based around local individuals and groups that have been identified for support.

The cost of the project is £3,346 to cover social enterprise training and identified specific courses. The project will benefit local people wishing to get into the process of establishing social enterprise businesses. The courses will be delivered professionally to help community startup social enterprise businesses to provide services for the local community.

Contact: Ralph Rudden
Email: Ralph_rudden@yahoo.co.uk

Organisation: Sale West and Ashton Partnership (Employment and Skills)

Grant Awarded: £7,475

Employment is a priority for Sale West and Ashton Partnership. This project will provide a range of opportunities for helping people back to work, along with training and education. The cost of the project is £7,475 to cover the costs of: finishing the IT Suite, providing a part-time support worker for the Sunshine Café to deliver training, and funding for a Jobs Fair, building on the recent very successful first event in Sale West. The project will benefit all residents. It will be delivered by SWAP partners (e.g. TraffordCollege, New Choices) and local volunteers (e.g. volunteer led Work Club).

Contact: Ralph Rudden
Email: Ralph_rudden@yahoo.co.uk

Organisation: Sale West and Ashton Partnership (Drug Action Support)

Grant Awarded: £1,385

A Sale West and Ashton resident whose family has had a personal experience with drugs wishes to set a support group up for parents whose children have got mixed up with drugs. The cost of the project is £1,385 to cover accreditation certificates, room hire and refreshments for 40 weeks. The project will benefit the parents of young people unfortunately mixed up with drug abuse from the area who need support. The project will be delivered by the resident with on-going support from Phoenix Futures, blueSCI, Trafford Council and Sale West and Ashton Partnership to establish the group.

Contact: Ralph Rudden
Email: Ralph_rudden@yahoo.co.uk

Organisation: Sale West and Ashton Partnership (Family Matters)

Grant Awarded: £1,500

This will be a fully inclusive weekly family engagement project providing high quality activities for the whole family. Activities will include: Parent Survival / Child Survival Music workshops Art projects These practical sessions will take place from September to December 2012. This will be a pilot project, which can be built on if successful. £1,500 is requested for room hire, refreshments, sessional staff and materials. The programme will particularly benefit families in need of extra support. This will be co-ordinated by Children and Families Community Worker and involve SWAP partners and volunteers in the delivery of the activities.

Contact: Ralph Rudden
Email: Ralph_rudden@yahoo.co.uk

Organisation: Sale West Community Urban Trust (Chain Breakers)

Grant Awarded: £804

Sale West Community Urban Trust would like to start monthly Saturday afternoon activities sessions (Chain Breakers) for Junior school aged children and their families. The group piloted a very successful Chain Breakers session in March 2012 which attracted in excess of 50 parents and children. There have been 3 more successful pilot sessions since. They now want to run Chain Breakers monthly for a year. The money requested is £804 for room hire and refreshments. The project will benefit families with Junior school aged children. The sessions will be run by the Children and Families Church Worker, along with local volunteers.

Contact: Ralph Rudden
Email: Ralph_rudden@yahoo.co.uk

Organisation: Dance Discovery

Grant Awarded: £1,100

The 'Take a Step to Better Health Project' will be developed by Dance Discovery to promote the health benefits of creative dance for the over 50s and provide easy local access to health information. Local people will have the opportunity to attend Dance Discovery taster sessions and experience creative dance and access health discussion forums on specific health issues for the over 50s. Dance Discovery will present the project as a model, which could be used in other localities in Trafford.

The grant of £1,100 will pay for the delivery of the health information and discussions forums, the creative dance sessions and the planning and delivery of the creative dance interpretation of the project. The project is inclusive and open to all. Community engagement is a key part of the project and it will be promoted to all communities in Trafford.

Contact: Kelly Godwin
Tel: 0161 969 2246
Email: kelly.godwin@btinternet.com

Organisation: New Expressions art group

Grant Awarded: £3,834

New Expressions is a challenging and vibrant Craft and Art Group that meets Mondays from 1 to 3 pm. The group began in 2007 with tutor, Cherisse Appleby, and five participants. Most group members experience mental ill health or have learning disabilities and the art engages minds, bodies and spirits in the creative process. They normally have 10-15 attendees weekly. Members range in age from 20 to 76. Recent projects include; tile art, tie-dying fabrics, making cards, calendars, puppets and candles.

The grant of £3,834 will pay for a specialist art tutor with associated materials alongside the putting on of an art exhibition. The project is aimed at having social inclusion outcomes working towards interaction and employment/education. It will provide a powerful means of expression and will benefit people who feel disengaged.

Contact: Anne Muse
Tel: 0161 610 8218
Email: yankinpino@yahoo.co.uk

Organisation: Trafford Deaf Community Network

Grant Awarded: £284

There are 196 totally deaf sign language user people in Trafford. Trafford is the only borough in the north of England without a Deaf Centre so trying to keep the deaf community together is difficult. The funding for the trip to Eden Camp is to reduce social isolation which is good for member's mental wellbeing and partly educational as the group also include an interpreter on the trip. The group also need a display stand and leaflets to help make the Trafford public aware of them in the hope it will help future fundraising.

This project is split across two neighbourhoods with £284 coming from each one. This grant will pay for a trip to Eden Camp, transport, BLS interpreter and display stand and leaflets to raise awareness of the organisations work.

Contact: William Lambert
Tel: 0161 7478233 (text phone)
Email: billymaylambert@uwclub.net

Organisation: Trafford Community Theatre - Behind Closed Doors

Grant Awarded: £1,569

The theatre company is to invite schools from Trafford neighbourhood areas to watch the Behind Closed Doors production and take part in workshops where they can learn more about the effect of alcohol abuse on friends, family and neighbours. This powerful performance focuses on five families and their everyday lives as they suffer with alcohol abuse, domestic violence, mental health, teenage pregnancy, peer pressure and domestic violence. After watching the performance, students will take part in a workshop where they have the opportunity to discuss what support the families could have access to in their local area and how this could have changed their fate.

The grant of £1,569 will cover transport costs, venue hire, team expenses, refreshments, staging, props and an information pack for students watching the performance (and associated workshop). 40 volunteers are also heavily involved in this project.

Contact: Natalie Hinchliffe
Tel: 07876 787441
Email: nataliehinchliffe@yahoo.co.uk

Organisation: Trafford Hard of Hearing Group

Grant Awarded: £2,000

The Trafford Hard of Hearing Group are applying for a grant of £2,000 to provide lip reading classes for people suffering hearing impairment. Most people could, at some time in their life, suffer hearing impairment to some degree as this is a common ageing affliction. The classes would go a long way towards helping these people to cope in otherwise stressful activities such as medical appointments, banks and shops and social activities. Hearing impairment often leads to social exclusion and the classes provide an ideal medium for the exchange of experiences, acting as a forum for coping with stressful situations.

Contact: Mr Ron Rolph
Trafford Hard of Hearing Group
c/o VCAT
Park House
73 Northenden Road
M33 2DG

Email: ronrolph.thhg@yahoo.co.uk

Organisation: Brink Productions

Grant Awarded: £5,100

The project will allow young people to access vocal training sessions free of charge within the Sale Moor area.  The programme will encourage young people to write lyrics surrounding their lives in a positive manner. They will learn how to use their voices effectively and through breathing exercises they will learn to develop their vocal technique. The sessions will allow young people to be creative whilst building confidence and self esteem. The sessions will engage young people through diversionary activities, deferring their interests from anti social Behaviour whilst providing a safe environment to socialise and engage with other young people.

The grant of £5,100 will pay for rent, set up and evaluation, materials and promotion, management/coordination and a music facilitator to run the training sessions.

Contact: Lisa Ellis
Tel: 07932 772250
Email: lisa.brink03@btinternet.com