North Neighbourhood

Organisation: Trafford Community Theatre - Behind Closed Doors

Grant Awarded: £1569

The theatre company is to invite schools from Trafford neighbourhood areas to watch the Behind Closed Doors production and take part in workshops where they can learn more about the effect of alcohol abuse on friends, family and neighbours. This powerful performance focuses on five families and their everyday lives as they suffer with alcohol abuse, domestic violence, mental health, teenage pregnancy, peer pressure and domestic violence. After watching the performance, students will take part in a workshop where they have the opportunity to discuss what support the families could have access to in their local area and how this could have changed their fate.

The grant of £1,569 will cover transport costs, venue hire, team expenses, refreshments, staging, props and an information pack for students watching the performance (and associated workshop). 40 volunteers are also heavily involved in this project

Contact: Natalie Hinchliffe
Tel: 07876 787441

Organisation: Simply cycling / Trafford Wheelers

Grant Awarded: £4350

Simply cycling / Trafford Wheelers is an all-ability cycling club which meets at Longford Stadium. They have adapted bikes that are wheelchair accessible and their main aim and passion is to get everyone cycling. They currently have 100 Trafford resident members. They want to increase this number by extending the range of bikes and activities. They hope to develop confidence, skills, and road safety awareness, whilst tackling issues around healthy lifestyles, obesity, rehabilitation and social inclusion. The group rely heavily on their valuable volunteers, cycle leaders, mechanics and tea makers. They have a 'can do' approach and believe the group can make cycling a possibility for every single person.

The grant of £4350 will pay for a specialist bicycle that allows people with disabilities to use it.

Contact: Helen Hines
Tel: 07871 621778

Organisation: Cyril Flint Volunteers

Grant Awarded: £5075

Half a million people in the UK have nothing but the TV for company. Cyril Flint, a resident of Trafford, was such a person, having spent Christmas alone for 22 years since the passing of his wife. This volunteer organisation asked local volunteers to come forward and assist and they did so in such numbers that there is now companionship visits to 20 people in Trafford. Now registered as a charity, the 'Cyril Flint Volunteers' is seeking funding to increase awareness of the scheme, recruit and train additional volunteers and provide a greater range of activities outside of the home to those they visit.

This project is split across three neighbourhoods with £5075 coming from each one. This grant will pay for 1 part time coordinator, 1 part time fundraiser, a PR campaign and promotional material. This scheme will support the recruitment of more volunteers to support the work of the charity

Contact: Rachel Caulfield
Tel: 0161 942 4156

Organisation: Alzheimer's Society, Singing for the Brain

Grant Awarded: £4888

Alzheimer's Society Singing for the Brain North Trafford (SftB) is a singing group based on the principles of music therapy, led by a specialist in singing and dementia awareness. The service is designed to help families living with dementia to feel part of society and to attract members from different cultures who can incorporate their own music. People in North Trafford will volunteer to help run the sessions and encourage people to join in. People who attend Singing for the Brain feel it is a stimulating social activity that enhances well-being and confidence.

The grant of £4888 will pay for a group leader to deliver the therapy sessions and associated costs such as room hire and staff and volunteer training. Alzheimer's Society will recruit, train, manage and support volunteers from the local community who will support the running of the sessions.

Contact: Paula Hewitt
Tel: 0161 483 4446

Organisation: Hope Manchester

Grant Awarded: £2668

The Hope group want to create a Healthy Eating Area and need a contribution towards the rent for a new Community Exercise Space. The Community Exercise Space will open over the weekends, late evenings and during the day, with exercise for those over 50's, those with health problems or simply just for fun. Other options include; Cheer leading, mat exercises, weights and dance.

The grant of £2668 will be used to contribute to the lease arrangement. This will give the organisation 6 months to work towards its sustainability. They will also be purchasing a fridge, industrial liquidizers, industrial microwave and a counter bar with chairs to provide the healthy eating space.

Contact:Millicent Henry
Tel: 0161 868 0239

Organisation: St John's Centre

Grant Awarded: £20,000

St John's Centre is a 'Grassroots' Voluntary Sector organisation which started in 1982 in response to Moss Side riots. In the last 30 years St John's Centre has developed into a fantastic and much needed community resource, creating good community relationships; enhancing people's lives; and housing many other Voluntary Sector groups that also serve the community. E.G. Employment Skills training - Community Learning - English - Basic Skills - Crèche - Brownies - Children's Activities - Work Club - Work Experience - Volunteering - Healthy Eating - Fitness Classes - Community Events - Asian Women's Group - African Caribbean 50+ - Boxing Club and many more.

The grant of £20,000 will pay for staff to deliver and administer the 40 plus courses/activities and help 15 organisations and 19,000 local people that benefit from the centre and the continued incubation of groups that rely on the support over the year.

Contact: Christine Aspinall
Tel:0161 872 7795

Organisation: STAMP snyc

Grant Awarded: £6,450

STAMP snyc is a non for profit voluntary organisation. Their Talbot road based, Combat Athlete Training Academy, 'M's Fight Factory' is known locally to the community as 'The Gym'. Based in Gorse Hill, STAMP snyc offer many different services to young people from the local community and offer them 'a place to go'. STAMP snyc are the only 'open door' youth organisation of which young people can access 6 days a week and over 8 years the Combat Athlete Training Academy, 'M's Fight Factory, has become a real hub in the community. Sessions run enable users to either, lose or gain weight, grow in self-confidence, improve school work, defer them from a life of crime and also seek employment.

The grant of £6,450 will pay for young men's and women's sessions (with instructors and venue hire), vouchers for under 16s, new training equipment and transportation. It is hoped that 200+ extra people will be attracted to the organisation.

Contact: Kevin Morris
Tel: 07748 567595

Organisation: Old Trafford Junior Football Club

Grant Awarded: £5,000

The project entails recruiting and training local young people who then become involved in organising activities and projects for the wider community. The project is being delivered in the Clifford ward which is in the top 5% of deprived wards in England. Its main aims are to train 20 local young people in relevant sports coaching, who will then coach other young people during school holidays. They will then be able to provide diversionary activities for young people in the wider area.

The grant of £5,000 will be used to train 20 local young people in relevant sports coaching.

Contact: John Bailes
Tel: 07983 410646