South Neighbourhood

Organisation: Trafford Deaf Community Network

Grant Awarded: £284

There are 196 totally deaf sign language user people in Trafford. Trafford is the only borough in the north of England without a Deaf Centre so trying to keep the deaf community together is difficult. The funding for the trip to Eden Camp is to reduce social isolation which is good for member's mental wellbeing and partly educational as the group also include an interpreter on the trip. The group also need a display stand and leaflets to help make the Trafford public aware of them in the hope it will help future fundraising.

This project is split across two neighbourhoods with £284 coming from each one. This grant will pay for a trip to Eden Camp, transport, BLS interpreter and display stand and leaflets to raise awareness of the organisations work.

Contact: William Lambert
Tel: 0161 747 8233 (text phone)

Organisation: Trafford Community Theatre - Behind Closed Doors

Grant Awarded: £1,569

The theatre company is to invite schools from Trafford neighbourhood areas to watch the Behind Closed Doors production and take part in workshops where they can learn more about the effect of alcohol abuse on friends, family and neighbours. This powerful performance focuses on five families and their everyday lives as they suffer with alcohol abuse, domestic violence, mental health, teenage pregnancy, peer pressure and domestic violence. After watching the performance, students will take part in a workshop where they have the opportunity to discuss what support the families could have access to in their local area and how this could have changed their fate.

The grant of £1,569 will cover transport costs, venue hire, team expenses, refreshments, staging, props and an information pack for students watching the performance (and associated workshop). 40 volunteers are also heavily involved in this project.

Contact: Natalie Hinchliffe
Tel: 07876 787441

Organisation: Community Allotments of Broadheath

Grant Awarded: £2,266

The Community Allotments of Broadheath is transforming and bringing back into community use a previously neglected piece of wasteland. The vision for the community plot is to get the wider community involved. The community plot is currently unable to get up and running due to the fact there is no storage for the tools and equipment. The shelter to be paid for via this grant would enable plot holders to shelter from the elements and together with receiving funding for a metal shed the group will be able to invite members of the community to grow items collectively, promote healthy eating and share skills across different generations.

The grant of £2,266 will pay for a secure metal shed and a wooden gazebo/shelter. It is hoped to attract at least 50 new residents.

Contact: Sally Holt

Organisation: Altrincham Creative Theatre School

Grant Awarded: £1,000

ACTS is Altrincham Creative Theatre School, a volunteer group for 30 young people who needed £1000 to go towards the total £4000 costs of 4 live stage performances in March 2013. In 2 separate theatre classes each week the 10 -18 year olds learn to work as a team, perform in front of a paying public and get a knock on effect on their everyday confidence. The group already works with a local school, church and Oxfam. Over 1700 volunteer hours are provided by the 3 tutors, parents and friends and up to 600 people see the performances.

Contact: Val Harris
Tel: 0161 928 2277

Organisation: GForce

Grant Awarded: £3,561

The group have been working around Broomwood for over 5 years turning it from a threatening place where nobody went into a wonderful well used community park for everyone. The request for seating comes from the park users and they will encourage people to stay on the park longer. The plants will appeal to the older generation and will look great year after year. The child friendly bins will be placed near the play equipment and encourage people to make litter on the park a thing of the past.

The grant of £3,561 will pay for 400kg of daffodils 3000 crocus', 2000 snowdrops, two bins and some extra seating.

Contact: Paul Huxley
Tel: 07952 495137

Organisation: Stamford Park Toy Library

Grant Awarded: £250

This scheme works on the premis that a toy library would be a great asset to the Altrincham community. Successful toy libraries encourage sharing, developmental play and long term volunteering. They are environment, child and community friendly. This grant would be used to recruit a volunteer-led research team, run workshops with the community to define the toy library service, estimate the cost of providing the service and research possible fund raising strategies for a sustainable volunteer led toy library at the Family and Counseling Centre in Altrincham.

The grant of £250 will cover the cost of office supplies for surveys and communication, flyers/posters, telephone calls, site visits and refreshments for the research team. The scheme will also incorporate 60 hrs of volunteer work.

Contact: Cara Sherliker
Tel: 0161 926 9576

Organisation: Local Creation

Grant Awarded: £8,000

Local Creation is a community art space set up in the centre of Altrincham in 2011, opening to the public in March 2012. It provides: Space and focus for artistic and creative activity in Altrincham (e.g. running workshops and hosting other art groups), Low cost artists' studios and a public gallery space. It aims to act as a catalyst helping to redevelop Altrincham, adding vibrancy and uniqueness. Based in the old Salvation Army building, Local Creation has redeveloped a derelict site. The grant of £8,000 is required to install heating, security improvements that will improve the wider area and importantly allow disabled access.

Contact: John Wonnacott
Tel: 07971 928188

Organisation: Altrincham FC

Grant Awarded: £1,344

Altrincham FC is applying for funding for 'Drop-in' Football sessions during the school holidays, supporting up to 36 young people, boys and girls, aged 11-18, 2 afternoons each week. The location would be Timperley Sports Club, and anyone from Trafford South may attend. This scheme should help reduce anti social behavior during the holidays by allowing supervised access to facilities, keeping young people occupied, keeping them fit and healthy, and as the providers would be qualified sports coaches, the sessions would improve their skills.

The grant of £1,344 will cover the cost of providing the sessions including the cost of facility hire, professional coaches, and equipment.

Contact: Peter Foster
Tel: 07557 101803

Organisation: Altrincham Festival Committee

Grant Awarded: £5,000

Altrincham Festival is 34 years old and is the biggest free show in Trafford. The parade is a fantastic vehicle for all who take part including groups, organisations, children, businesses and schools. Children who have taken part have grown up, and in turn their children, and then their children have all taken part. The parade is one of a few left that travel through both Altrincham and Timperley centres and is an asset to the area. Last year 15 thousand people watched the parade and another 20 thousand came and took part in the show.

The grant of £5,000 will pay for traffic management and decoration for the festival, volunteers will run the whole festival.

Contact: Tony Fishwick
Tel: 0161 980 3223

Organisation: Friends of Woodheys Park

Grant Awarded: £1,694

Woodheys Park, Sale has some ancient woodland which has been neglected over a number years and become overwhelmed by sycamore / maple trees which are killing native species. The group needed £1694 to plan to demonstrate the old arts of "bodging" using the timber as part of an educational fun day to promote the park as the centre of the Community. Also, Woodheys Primary School children have planted 400 trees to form a hedge to encourage wildlife to return and in turn they have a great interest in learning about ecology and the environment.

Contact: Gavin Wight
Tel: 07805 638095

Organisation: Cyril Flint Volunteers

Grant Awarded: £5,075

Half a million people in the UK have nothing but the TV for company. Cyril Flint, a resident of Trafford, was such a person, having spent Christmas alone for 22 years since the passing of his wife. This volunteer organisation asked local volunteers to come forward and assist and they did so in such numbers that there is now companionship visits to 20 people in Trafford. Now registered as a charity, the 'Cyril Flint Volunteers' is seeking funding to increase awareness of the scheme, recruit and train additional volunteers and provide a greater range of activities outside of the home to those they visit.

This project is split across three neighbourhoods with £5075 coming from each one. This grant will pay for 1 part time coordinator, 1 part time fundraiser, a PR campaign and promotional material. This scheme will support the recruitment of more volunteers to support the work of the charity.

Contact: Rachel Caulfield
Tel: 0161 942 4156

Organisation: Our Altrincham

Grant Awarded: £4,000

Our Altrincham obtained £4,000 funding to support the continuance of its work on environmental improvements for another 3 years. The project started in 2010 due to an excessive amount of litter in Altrincham which was making the town look unattractive to residents, shoppers and investors. The project is very much tied up with regeneration efforts and has included graffiti and fly-poster removal. Since 2010, 738 bags of rubbish have been collected and dramatic improvements to regular 'grot spots' have been made. The litter picking events are well publicised and attended by local people from every age and walk of life. The Our Altrincham group also encourages and facilitates events for other groups such as cubs and scouts and lend equipment out to residents

Contact: Sarah Walmsley

Organisation: Trafford Community Leisure Trust

Grant Awarded: £1,680

The Community Champions programme is a volunteer mentoring project. It will offer members of the community an opportunity to gain qualifications that will assist them to deliver sessions within their community. They will have a direct impact on sports provision in their area and act as role models to their community. They will be provided with basic training opportunities including first aid, Safeguarding and Protecting Children and sport specific community engagement courses. The programme will work on a time banking system where they undertake a set number of hours of coaching in return for the opportunity to attend courses.

The grant of £1,680 will allow 10 Community Champions to be trained to go on and establish and support sports sessions within their local communities.

Contact: Jenny Burton
Tel: 0161 9123135

Organisation: Simply cycling / Trafford Wheelers

Grant Awarded: £480

Simply cycling / Trafford Wheelers is an all-ability cycling club which meets at Longford Stadium. They have adapted bikes that are wheelchair accessible and their main aim and passion is to get everyone cycling. They currently have 100 Trafford resident members. They want to increase this number by extending the range of bikes and activities. They hope to develop confidence, skills, and road safety awareness, whilst tackling issues around healthy lifestyles, obesity, rehabilitation and social inclusion. The group rely heavily on their valuable volunteers, cycle leaders, mechanics and tea makers. They have a 'can do' approach and believe the group can make cycling a possibility for every single person.

Grant of £480 will facilitate 4 "ride on the wild side" events and transportation for bikes.

Contact: Helen Hines
Tel: 07871621778

Organisation: Trafford Housing Trust and Sport Trafford

Grant Awarded: £1241

Trafford Housing Trust and Sport Trafford propose to work in partnership to deliver a programme of Healthy Hips and Hearts (HHH) and gentle sports sessions. HHH is a programme of gentle, chair based exercise, for older people. The sessions are designed to help increase physical and mental wellbeing, improve co-ordination and assist the prevention of falls. The gentle sports consist of indoor bowling, target games, curling and many more. All sessions will be run at Trafford Housing Trust's sheltered schemes, which are open to all older people (not just THT tenants). All sessions are designed to be fun and social, with far reaching and long lasting health benefits.

The grant of £1241 will allow 13 people to train in and then deliver a programme of Healthy Hips and Hearts/ Gentle Sports sessions, bringing a range of proven health and wellbeing benefits to older people across West Trafford.

Contact: Brian Allen
Tel: 0161 9680296

Organisation: Community Building

Grant Awarded: £12,555

The project provides a unique combination of vocational training and work experience. It represents a new approach to reducing unemployment. Community building delivers a flexible training programme covering a wide range of construction skills. It has been designed to provide participants who may have little or no formal education with the opportunity to realise their potential and make a contribution to their local community. The project also provides participants with the opportunity to enter further education. It will also allow participants to develop skills valued by all employers and provide a first step on a career path which could last a lifetime.

The grant of £12,555 will provide learners with; Transport to and from the site of the construction project, Providing all Personal Protective Equipment, Tools, Building materials and Specialist tutor support on a daily basis.

Contact: Tom McManus
Tel: 0161 872 9880