West Neighbourhood

Organisation: Trafford Community Leisure Trust - Community Champions

Grant Awarded: £1,680

The Community Champions programme is a volunteer mentoring project. It will offer members of the community an opportunity to gain qualifications that will assist them to deliver sessions within their community. They will have a direct impact on sports provision in their area and act as role models to their community. They will be provided with basic training opportunities including first aid, Safeguarding and Protecting Children and sport specific community engagement courses. The programme will work on a time banking system where they undertake a set number of hours of coaching in return for the opportunity to attend courses.

The grant of £1,680 will allow 10 Community Champions to be trained to go on and establish and support sports sessions within their local communities.

Contact: Jenny Burton
Tel: 0161 912 3135
Email: jenny.burton@traffordleisure.co.uk

Organisation: Trafford Housing Trust and Sport Trafford

Grant Awarded: £1,241

Trafford Housing Trust and Sport Trafford propose to work in partnership to deliver a programme of Healthy Hips and Hearts (HHH) and gentle sports sessions. HHH is a programme of gentle, chair based exercise, for older people. The sessions are designed to help increase physical and mental wellbeing, improve co-ordination and assist the prevention of falls. The gentle sports consist of indoor bowling, target games, curling and many more. All sessions will be run at Trafford Housing Trust's sheltered schemes, which are open to all older people (not just THT tenants). All sessions are designed to be fun and social, with far reaching and long lasting health benefits.

The grant of £1,241 will allow 13 people to train in and then deliver a programme of Healthy Hips and Hearts/ Gentle Sports sessions, bringing a range of proven health and wellbeing benefits to older people across West Trafford.

Contact: Brian Allen
Tel: 0161 968 0296
Email: brian.allen@traffordhousingtrust.co.uk

Organisation: Trafford Rhythmic Gymnastics

Grant Awarded: £1,755

Trafford Rhythmic Gymnastics is a self funded, grass roots, Rhythmic Gymnastics Club, offering sport for girls aged 5 and above. The grant will be used, together with their own fund raising, to enable the club to work with a Specialist Coach, who will train, develop and mentor existing coaches, gymnasts and club volunteers. The project will have a direct impact on the existing coaches by developing knowledge, skills and experience, enabling them to achieve higher qualifications. It will also impact the existing gymnasts and increase the recruitment of new gymnasts. The club intends to offer sporting opportunities to the wider community, local schools, and children with disabilities.

The grant of £1755 will allow the hiring of a specialist coach for 3 hours per week for the 39 weeks of training sessions per year.  The specialist will build capacity in the club and allow the current voluntary coaches to develop their skills. 

Contact: Claire Morgan
Tel: 07885 762920
Website: www.traffordrgc.com
Email: enquiries@traffordrgc.com

Organisation: BOOMBox

Grant Awarded: £6,400

BOOMBox presents a 'Hiphopera' - Using rap music to tell a dramatic story. The story will be devised and written by young adults from the Partington area. Storylines may include; health advice, anti-smoking, drug and alcohol issues, housing, family and anti-social behaviour. In six months of workshops young adults will be encouraged to write storylines and music and develop performances, before performing the Hiphopera at The Fuse and the Royal Northern College of Music. A film of the 'Hiphopera' will also be made available on-line. BOOMbox music studios are a volunteer lead community group based at Partington's library and wellbeing centre.

The grant of £6,400 will pay for a project coordinator and musician to mentor the volunteers (via workshops) alongside room hire and equipment. The key outcome will be live performances of the Hiphopera.

Contact: Ann-Marie Crowley
Tel: 07712 891652
Email: annmarie.crowley@btinternet.com

Organisation: Friends of Davyhulme Park

Grant Awarded: £2,000

Friends of Davyhulme Park would like to improve the Bowling Pavilion, initially the kitchen area, which needs to be brought up to an acceptable standard. This would provide a welcoming space for any new volunteers and members of the Bowling and Veterans Club, The Stride Health and Nordic Walking Schemes (Sport Trafford) and the friends of group who all currently use the Pavilion. It would also facilitate more volunteer work by providing a place for volunteers or other groups to chat and exchange ideas and sometimes shelter from the weather. All ages would benefit and it would become a Community Hub.

The grant of £2,000 will pay for a new kitchen area. It is hoped that will increase community usage in the pavilion.

Contact:Pam Walsh
Email: Fodp@hotmail.co.uk

Organisation: Community Gym

Grant Awarded: £1,500

Following on from the success of the women's swimming sessions, BlueSCI and Partington sports village would like to develop something similar using the sports village facilities. Two gym instructors will meet people over 3 weeks to discuss individuals' requirements and discuss any anxieties or concerns. From this initial contact a weekly one hour community physical activity would be delivered with free 4 week introductory sessions. The outcome would be to provide a relaxed and comfortable environment for people who otherwise would not participate in physical exercise and provide the opportunity to build their fitness, make new friends and have fun.

The grant of £1,500 would pay for 2 gym coaches for 2 hours per week, for 24 weeks.  The coaches will build individuals' confidence in becoming more active, which will increase their motivation to access more activities, volunteering, training and employment. volunteers will be encouraged to offer support and in turn look at getting coaching qualifications.

Contact: Dave Williams
Tel: 07919 043122
Email: dave.williams@traffordleisure.co.uk

Organisation: Junior Club, Partington & Carrington Youth Partnership

Grant Awarded: £1,500

The junior club has been running for nearly two years and it is run by two members of staff and 10 junior volunteers who are 13-18 years old, these members of staff set up activities and run them for the 7-11 year old age group. The club is very popular and has over 40 young people attending the sessions. This provision is vital as there needs to be somewhere where parents can get their children involved with their community at an early age. The people who benefit from this service are local residents and parents and also local school children. The community will benefit from this project as it is also creating work for junior volunteers in the 13 plus age group, leading up to a career in youth work.

The grant of £1,500 will provide leadership training for junior leaders, room hire, prizes and new activity equipment. Provision will also encourage further community volunteering.

Contact: Tamzin Allan
Tel: 07760 167564
Email: tamzin.allan@trafford.gov.uk

Organisation: Friends of Cross Lane Park

Grant Awarded: £1,144

Friends of Cross Lane Park are a community group working hard to bring improvements to this wonderful open space in Partington, for the whole community to enjoy. They needed funding to upgrade the BMX track.  The track installed 2009/10 is a great asset to the park and is used by youngsters from across the Trafford Borough.  Youngsters have asked that they be set new challenges and have the chance to increase their skills.  They are eager to learn and the upgrade will provide the opportunity to fulfill some of their hopes and dreams, whilst keeping them active and healthy.

The grant of £1,144 will pay for the upgrades in the park.

Contact: Joanne Robe-Fogarty
Email: positivepartingtongroup@hotmail.co.uk

Organisation: Confidence After Cancer

Grant Awarded: £1,450

Confidence After Cancer is a non-profit organisation based in Urmston, started by Gabby Mottershead after her own experience. Gabby was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive breast cancer in 2008, and had chemotherapy, surgeries, and radiotherapy. Gabby was very depressed after her treatment, and found that there is lots of support when you are going through treatment, but when that ends you arevery much alone. Breast cancer survivors are 37 percent more likely to commit suicide, and depression and anxiety are common. They want to have a professional website built with free resources available to support people affected by cancer.

The grant of £1,450 will pay for a professionally build website. This will help support more people in future, and allow support groups and meetings to be formed.

Contact: Gabby Mottershead
Website: www.confidenceac.co.uk
Email: confidenceac@aol.co.uk

Organisation: Improving Davyhulme's Environmental Awareness (IDEA)

Grant Awarded: £2,000

Canterbury Road Day Nursery has been working in partnership with the local environmental community group (IDEA) to renovate a piece of unused land to create a multi-purpose space for the whole community to enjoy. They have already begun to create an allotment area in which children of all ages have had the opportunity to plant seeds and talk about growth, the benefits and learning opportunities of this are immense. The grant funding will enable the group to buy resources needed to make this space accessible to people of all ages in the community, creating a space that everyone can enjoy.

The grant of £2000 will pay for the purchase of materials and equipment to create a multi-purpose community space. All work is to be completed by volunteers from IDEA and the local Nursery.

Contact: Terry Morford
Tel: 0161 6102304
Email: terry.morford@ntlworld.com

Organisation: Cornerstone Methodist Church

Grant Awarded: £5,570

The annex at Cornerstone Methodist Church is unsafe and has had to be demolished. This has affected voluntary youth work in the area. The Boys' Brigade and The Girls' Brigade (over 70 members) used the annex for their meetings but now they have to use one of the other rooms, which is not big enough for physical activities. The church is altering and expanding their premises in a phased programme which includes replacing the annex with a spacious activity hall, providing facilities for all sections of the community, including the youngsters.

£5,570 will pay for internal finishes and fittings in the new activity hall.

Contact: Mrs Juliet Fairlee
Tel: 0161 7499454
Email: jules43@ntlworld.com

Organisation: Trafford Community Theatre - Behind Closed Doors

Grant Awarded: £1,569

The theatre company is to invite schools from Trafford neighbourhood areas to watch the Behind Closed Doors production and take part in workshops where they can learn more about the effect of alcohol abuse on friends, family and neighbours. This powerful performance focuses on five families and their everyday lives as they suffer with alcohol abuse, domestic violence, mental health, teenage pregnancy, peer pressure and domestic violence. After watching the performance, students will take part in a workshop where they have the opportunity to discuss what support the families could have access to in their local area and how this could have changed their fate.

The grant of £1,569 will cover transport costs, venue hire, team expenses, refreshments, staging, props and an information pack for students watching the performance (and associated workshop). 40 volunteers are also heavily involved in this project.

Contact: Natalie Hinchliffe
Tel: 07876 787441
Email: nataliehinchliffe@yahoo.co.uk

Organisation: Simply cycling / Trafford Wheelers

Grant Awarded: £900

Simply cycling / Trafford Wheelers is an all-ability cycling club which meets at Longford Stadium. They have adapted bikes that are wheelchair accessible and their main aim and passion is to get everyone cycling. They currently have 100 Trafford resident members. They want to increase this number by extending the range of bikes and activities. They hope to develop confidence, skills, and road safety awareness, whilst tackling issues around healthy lifestyles, obesity, rehabilitation and social inclusion. The group rely heavily on their valuable volunteers, cycle leaders, mechanics and tea makers. They have a 'can do' approach and believe the group can make cycling a possibility for every single person.

The grant of £900 will transport bikes to Flixton for a fun day, hire the venue for the day, obtain publicity, pay two cycle coaches and pay volunteer expenses. All sessions are run by volunteers and extra local volunteers will be used to hold the fun day.

Contact: Helen Hines
Tel: 07871 621778
Email: helenhines68@hotmail.co.uk

Organisation: Cyril Flint Volunteers

Grant Awarded: £5,075

Half a million people in the UK have nothing but the TV for company. Cyril Flint, a resident of Trafford, was such a person, having spent Christmas alone for 22 years since the passing of his wife. This volunteer organisation asked local volunteers to come forward and assist and they did so in such numbers that there is now companionship visits to 20 people in Trafford. Now registered as a charity, the 'Cyril Flint Volunteers' is seeking funding to increase awareness of the scheme, recruit and train additional volunteers and provide a greater range of activities outside of the home to those they visit.

This project is split across three neighbourhoods with £5,075 coming from each one. This grant will pay for 1 part time coordinator, 1 part time fundraiser, a PR campaign and promotional material. This scheme will support the recruitment of more volunteers to support the work of the charity.

Contact: Rachel Caulfield
Tel: 0161 942 4156
Email: rachel.caulfield@homecaresupport.co.uk

Organisation: Community Building

Grant Awarded: £13,680

The project provides a unique combination of vocational training and work experience. It represents a new approach to reducing unemployment. Community Building delivers a flexible training programme covering a wide range of construction skills. It has been designed to provide participants who may have little or no formal education with the opportunity to realise their potential and make a contribution to their local community. The project also provides participants with the opportunity to enter further education. It will allow participants to develop skills valued by all employers and provide a first step on a career path which could last a lifetime.

The grant of £13,680 will provide 30 learners with; Transport to and from the site of the construction project, Providing all Personal Protective Equipment, Tools, Building materials and Specialist tutor support on a daily basis.

Contact: Tom McManus
Unit 8
Parkway Trading Estate
Longbridge Road
Trafford Park
M17 1SN
Tel: 0161 872 9880
Email: communitybuilding@hotmail.com

Organisation:  Fitness for Body and Mind – Hi Tension Workouts

Grant Awarded: £2,500

A "Fitness for Body and Mind" class is unique and available to all Trafford residents, free. It enables everyone who has any mental, physical, or learning disabilities to experience the benefits of exercise, and how it enhances and improves mental and physical health. It is tailor made to meet the needs of those attending. It has run successfully, with amazing results for over 15 years and now requires new funding. The class provides, health, fitness and socialising opportunities. It is accessible, safe and stimulating, but moreover non-stigmatising and meets the specific needs of all members. It also gives the people attending an opportunity to mix in the wider community and give users the scope for greater independence.

The grant of £2,500 will contribute to 1 years running costs.

Contact: Dawn McKevitt
Tel: 07968 599048
Email: dawnhtw@yahoo.co.uk