Abnormal loads

An "abnormal load" can generally be described as a vehicle having one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Total gross vehicle weight of 40 tonnes or over
  • An Axle load of more than 11.5 tonnes
  • A vehicle or its load more than 2.90 metres wide
  • A vehicle or its load more than 18.65 metres long

What are the current regulations governing the movement of abnormal loads?

The current regulations regarding the movement of abnormal loads are contained in the Government Statutory Instrument 2003 No. 1998 - The Road Vehicles (Authorisation of Special Types) (General) Order 2003.

Who regulates the movements of abnormal loads for Trafford Council?

The Greater Manchester Abnormal Loads Unit regulates and manages the movement of abnormal loads throughout Trafford and the surrounding boroughs.

Very long and/or very wide loads

Many of the longer and wider vehicles are dealt with by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) as an escort is often required.

  • Please contact GMP Abnormal Loads Section on 0161 872 5050

Who must I inform?

Hauliers who wish to move abnormal loads must contact the Greater Manchester Abnormal Loads Unit as stated above. In some cases permission may be required from the Highways Agency - the Abnormal Loads Unit will advise on this.

There is also a legal requirement to notify the Police of the movement of an abnormal load at least two days in advance.

Who do I contact if street furniture needs to be moved?

Some abnormal load movements require the temporary removal of street furniture such as bollards and signs. On no account should any unauthorised attempt be made to remove or unfix street furniture.

In some cases, where street furniture is serviced electrically by ENW mains, a minimum of six weeks lead in time will be required; where furniture is connected to a Local Authority electrical service this time can be reduced.

In order to arrange for the temporary removal of street furniture please contact our Highway Services by emailing traffordhighways@amey.co.uk or by telephoning 03330 035865.