Trafford Council Budget 2016/17

Myth Buster

qaWhy spend money on Councillors when you are cutting local services?


The Council has 63 elected local councillors (three for each of the 21 electoral wards of the borough) who represent their local community. Their role is to support their communities and act as key community contacts. They receive a small allowance for their role time but are ‘at work’ in this role during weekdays, evenings and weekends too, to help and support local people and the interests of their wards. A saving has also been agreed of £35,000 in this regard.

qaWhy do we have so many recycling bins, surely they cost a lot?

Trafford has one of the best recycling rates in Greater Manchester.  The reason we recycle is so we can save money and be friendlier to the environment by not polluting the earth through landfill.  The reason we have different bins is to help us to separate our waste easily, avoid cross contamination and again reduce the costs of sorting waste and recycling. If we had less bins the quality of the recycling would be much less therefore more would go to landfill which has a much greater cost.

qaWhy do you have to collect green bins in winter when people are not maintaining their gardens?

Green bins are not just for garden waste, they are also food waste. The collection of green waste has been very successful in Trafford and it means less waste going to landfill.

qaWhy not get rid of back office staff and concentrate on keeping services?

Like any business the Council needs back office services to operate. These services include Human Resources, Legal, Finance, and IT. There is a significant reduction is support services as part of the proposals (approximately £1.8m) however we do still need to keep the Council running which requires these services being in place. We are however looking at how we can make some of these specialist services less reliant on council funding by trading some of them or by working in partnership with other councils and public sector partners to reduce running costs.

qaHow can you make sure the most vulnerable in our community are protected through these proposals?

The Council can never guarantee that it is helping everyone in the community as some people with additional needs may not be known to us. However, we have significant experience in working with the needs of the Trafford community and can make sure we have adapted our services to make sure we are helping the people who need our help the most. We will make sure they have access to the right services, support and benefits.

If you are aware of someone with additional needs who is not receiving help you can visit for further advice.

qaWhy is the Chief Executive paid more than the Prime Minister?

The Chief Executive’s salary package is not more than the Prime Minister’s! The Chief Executive manages a diverse and complex multi-million pound organisation. They are ultimately responsible for the Council and its business; making sure we are operating within the law and within the Council’s constitution. They have to deal with any issues that arise in the Borough outside of normal day to day business and contribute to regional resilience and business continuity. They are ultimately responsible for a diverse and wide range of services from social services, children’s services, waste and environment to inward investment, partnerships and community safety.

The salary may seem high however, it comes with no additional benefits like the Prime Minister (a house, a car, holiday home etc.) and therefore the total package is significantly lower.

qaWhy not reduce senior management?

All directorates are having a senior management review. In Economic Growth, Environment and Infrastructure (EGEI) for example, this is forecasted to be £88k. The Council has already reduced its Corporate Directors from 5 to 3 in the past 3 years. The Council is responsible for high profile multi-million pound services and we need to make sure we have the right people, with the right skills, making these decisions.

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