Trafford COVID-19 Facebook Live Q&A – October 22, 2020: answers to outstanding questions

We were not able to respond to every submitted question during our live Q&A session on October 22, however we have provided answers to the outstanding questions below. Please note, these answers were provided prior to the new national 1-month lockdown (5 Nov-2 Dec) announced on Saturday 31 October.


  • How should disabled people (low or no mobility) still safely have socially distanced contact with friends and family? Parks/countryside/a lot of outdoor spaces are not always suitable for people like this, yet we are not allowed to visit private gardens.. a lot of people in these cases won’t necessarily have a wheelchair etc.. as they will have been happy previously with contact limited to their home or parking right outside cafes/restaurants etc..

For those who drive, people can still drive to meet people and many parks are very accessible so it is worth looking at the various parks and open spaces around Trafford and Greater Manchester. Trafford has many parks and open spaces where people can meet. Many of these parks have parking bays for people with disabilities. A good website to look for accessible places to go to is


  • In view of the increase of covid 19 cases in the Manchester region recently, have we missed an opportunity to use the Nightingale hospital early on. Also why have we not used this "Covid Hospital" for Covid patients and left the normal hospitals or at least some of them Covid free for non Covid patients?

The issues for the hospitals are more about staffing as physical bed capacity; we need to have enough doctors, nurses and other staff to provide the care required. In addition, many operations require some intensive care capacity to be available; if this capacity is needed to treat patients with Covid or other intensive care needs, then it becomes unsafe to carry out the operation.  We are trying to make some ‘non covid’ capacity available: for example, Trafford General has been changed to a non covid site so that operations and other treatment can continue there.


  • Could you share data on Trafford infection rates, ICU admissions, age group heat maps etc. Currently rely on media (MEN and national) but daily updates from TMBC would help share accurate and localised data. Kelvin, Altrincham

We have updated our coronavirus page with a link to the Trafford Data Lab, which offers localised data. 


  • Can someone in GM go on holiday out of the country?

Yes but the Foreign Office is currently advising against all but essential international travel so you may not be able to get travel insurance. You may also have to quarantine in the country you go to or when you come back. We would advise checking the Foreign Office guidance before making any travel arrangements.


  • If the British government really wants control coronavirus then make sure that public wear gloves. Because in every day to day life hand are most important used when people go out to shopping public transport or public places hands you use to hold no to thing or pick up thing for shopping if do make some sort of law to wear gloves you never control coronavirus lockdown are when phone stops work and you call your network they will say switch off and no again but lifes are not mobile phone or any other device

Wearing gloves may not help unless they are washed regularly. We would recommend instead that people touch fewer things, wash their hands regularly and thoroughly, and avoid touching their faces. This is easier than changing gloves all the time.


  • Could the use of face coverings have negative impact on people's health?

For most people, wearing a face covering poses no health risk. However, it is important that they are put on with clean hands, they are not touched once on, they are changed if they become damp, they are taken off with care and disposed of safely. If reusable face coverings are used they should be stored in a bag away from other items, washed regularly with soap powder, and they should not be shared. 


  • Do you have any idea of how many of those tested positive were in fact false positives and people are self isolating for no reason?

The tests used in the UK are more likely to give a false negative than false positive result. However, they are very sensitive and can pick up the virus for some weeks after the person has been ill. For this reason we do not recommend having a second test within 2-3 months of a positive test, unless you display symptoms again.