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Improvement plan updates

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Following an Ofsted inspection we have implemented a 2 year Improvement Plan for Children’s Services. This page lists our latest Improvement Board updates and relevant documents / bulletins.

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Improvement Board Update 15 September 2020

Posted: Tuesday 20th October 2020
Blog: 2020

The final version of the revised Improvement Plan, outlining the Councils 8 ambitions for our children, young people and their families was circulated to all members of the Improvement Board for their consideration.

We are delighted to announce that it was formally approved during the board meeting. 

Each of our 8 Ambitions has a Strategic Lead with responsibility for arranging workstreams around the ambition and for driving forward the changes we have committed to making.   

  • Ambition 1 - Leaders and managers at every level understand and influence practice to be consistently good. 
  • Ambition 2 - Children and families receive the right help, at the right time, from the right professional.
  • Ambition 3 - Quality of Practice is consistently good across the service so that it makes a difference to our children and families.
  • Ambition 4 -  Our children will live safely and permanently with a family, wherever it is safe to do so.
  • Ambition 5 - To narrow the gap through working collaboratively to reduce the number of children that are living and experiencing neglect.
  • Ambition 6 - We will work together to strengthen our practice and approach when working with families where domestic abuse and or coercion is a feature and to reduce the harm our children experience.
  • Ambition 7 - To take action and collectively safeguard our children and young people from all forms of exploitation and going missing.
  • Ambition 8 - To have "partnerships with purpose" that impact positively upon the lives of children, young people and families.

Improvement Board meetings have now returned to every 6 weeks with the next one scheduled for 27th October 2020.