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Improvement plan updates

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Following an Ofsted inspection we have implemented a 2 year Improvement Plan for Children’s Services. This page lists our latest Improvement Board updates and relevant documents / bulletins.

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Improvement Board Update 27 October 2020

Posted: Wednesday 11th November 2020
Blog: 2020

Director of Children's Services Highlight Report

There is feedback from Head Teachers that Trafford’s approach to Early Help is starting to take shape. We have reinstated Covid meetings on a twice weekly basis given the escalation in cases. There is information about the number of schools that have been affected and the challenges that they are facing.


The group collectively agreed that our the workforce is the authority’s greatest asset and two significant pieces of work have been undertaken in respect of workforce stability. This looks at retention, conversion of students to becoming social workers, career progression, consistencies from managers, communication messages and supervision.

Practitioner Forum update

Jill McGregor, Corporate Director of Children's Services, noted the progress the group had made and shared its work plan.

Ambitions 1 and 4

Update reports were shared and progress on Ambitions 1 and 4 was discussed.

Trafford Children's Services 8 Ambitions.