Looked After Children

This section includes policies and procedures about:


Decision to Look After and Care Planning

Decision to Look After and Care Planning

Local Authority's Sufficiency Duty - Accommodation for Looked After Children

Permanence Planning Guidance

Placement Planning and Disruption Meetings

Placements in Foster Care

Placements in Residential Care

Out of Area Placements

Placements with Family and Friends / Connected Persons (Regulation 24)

Placements in Secure Accommodation

Placements with Parents

Placements Outside England and Wales

Notifications from Other Local Authorities

Remands to Local Authority Accommodation or to Youth Detention Accommodation

Monitoring and Reviews

Social Worker Visits to Looked After Children

Advocacy and Independent Visitors

Looked After Children and Young People in Contact with Youth Justice Services

Looked After Reviews

Appointment and Role of Independent Reviewing Officers

Secure Accommodation (Criteria) Reviews

Contact and Overnight Stays

Contact with Parents and Siblings

Overnight Stays and Social Visits

Education, School Trips and Holidays

Holidays and School Trips in the UK

Passports and Holidays / School Trips Outside the UK

Education of Looked After Children

Health and Wellbeing

Health Care Assessments and Plans

Personal Care and Relationships

Behaviour Management

Restrictive Physical Intervention

Blood Borne Viruses / HIV


Change of Name of a Looked After Child

Marriage of a Looked After Child

Leaving Care and Transition

Leaving Care and Transition

Responsibilities of the Local Authority to Former Looked After Children and Young People in Custody

Looked After Children Joining the Armed Forces