Policies and Procedures All Children

This group of policies and procedures includes:


Policy Values and Principles

Children's Services Policies, Values and Principles

Confidentiality Policy

Consultation Policy

Family and Friends Care Policy

CAF and Thresholds for Children's Social Care Services

Common Assessment Framework

Children in Need Framework / Thresholds for Children's Social Care Intervention

Case Coordinator Guidance / Early Family Support

Early Support Threshold Guidance

Children's Social Care Assessment and Planning

Initial Contacts and Referrals

Initial Assessments

Core Assessments (including s47 Enquiries)

Allocation of Work and Transfer Between Teams

North West Protocol for Children in Need Moving Across Boundaries

Court Proceedings

Application for Emergency Protection Orders

Court Proceedings

Public Law Outline

Legal Planning Meetings


Death or Serious Injury to a Child (Looked After and Child In Need)

Complaints and Representations

Whistleblowing (Confidential Reporting Guidance)

Whistleblowing (Confidential Reporting Code)