How to make a complaint about social care, a councillor or other service in the Council


General Council complaints

We are committed to providing the best possible standard of service. However, we realise that sometimes things can go wrong and that is the time you want to be able to contact us to put things right.

Councillor complaints

Members of the Council, and of Parish / Town Councils, are required to follow a statutory Code of Conduct. If you feel that a member has acted in breach of this Code, you may submit a complaint.

Social care complaint - adults

Information and advice should you wish to make a complaint about our Social Services.


Social care complaint - children

If you have a complaint you can telephone, write or email the manager of your allocated social worker or personal advisor and explain why you want to make a complaint.


Other service complaints

Information and advice should you wish to make a complaint about services not directly under the control of the Council.