General Council complaints

We are committed to providing the best possible standard of service. Most concerns or problems can be resolved informally by contacting the service in question. If you are still unhappy, a formal complaint can be made.

How to make a complaint

  • Online - this is the quickest way for us to receive your complaint and direct it to the correct department
  • By calling a customer service adviser on 0161 912 1137
  • In person at any Council office or Trafford library
  • By writing to The Corporate Complaints Team, Trafford Council, Waterside House, Sale M33 7ZF

The complaints procedure

Stage 1

  • You should receive a response to your complaint within 20 working days from the day we receive it.
  • If there are any delays we will contact you with updates on the progress of our investigations.
  • If it is not possible to resolve your complaint at stage 1 your complaint can be progressed to Stage 2.

Stage 2

  • You should receive a response within 10 working days of progressing to a Stage 2.
  • In some cases where your complaint is complex the response time may need to be extended but you will be kept fully informed of progress.

If you're not happy with the response

If you are not satisfied with our response the Ombudsman may be able to help. You can complain to the Ombudsman at any time but your complaint is not likely to be considered if you have not been through our complaints process.

The Ombudsman can be contacted in the following ways: