Senior structure and salaries

Our organisation chart has been produced in line with the Transparency Code 2015. It includes the top 3 levels and, in many cases, lower levels, depending on the Directorate structure. We include all posts at Senior Manager grades. All posts are permanent unless otherwise stated. Salary has not been provided for those who are not Council employees (this could include those who are consultants or who work for the NHS or an agency) - these are annotated with "salary n/a".

Any changes to our structure after this chart is published won't be reflected here, however will be included when we update our records the following year.

Our organisation chart provides the following information for each post:

  • Job title – this can be used to contact an officer by phoning the Council's switchboard
  • Directorate and service
  • Grade
  • Post-holder's salary in a £5K bracket (please note that this does not relate to the Council's salary range attached to the grade)
  • Salary ceiling (maximum salary for the grade). This isn't provided for: those on a spot salary, or: those on Soulbury terms and conditions - as the maximum salary for the grade may or may not include additional points as part of the 'Structured Professional Assessment (SPA) System'.
  • Where a role attracts a market supplement payment, this is included in the £5k salary bracket and the salary ceiling.


To contact any officers on our organisation chart please contact Access Trafford and ask to be put through to them, or to obtain their e-mail address.

Telephone: 0161 912 2000

Senior salaries datasets

Alongside the organisation chart, and in accordance with the Transparency Code 2015, we also provide information regarding our senior employees within the following datasets:

Senior salaries datasets


Senior salaries: employees


Details of renumeration, job title and responsibilities of senior employees whose salary is at least £50,000 for 2022/23. The accompanying metadata provides definitions for the headings used in the dataset.

Senior salaries: count


The number of employees whose renumeration is at least £50,000 in brackets of £5,000 for 2022/23. The accompanying metadata provides definitions for the headings used in the dataset.

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