Social media guidelines for Trafford Council accounts

Our social media channels provide the opportunity to provide the latest news stories and report live from events to ensure that you're kept up-to-date with what’s happening in Trafford.

Everyone is welcome to participate in our social media channels and we encourage interaction and comments. That said, we want to make sure our online community remains a safe and friendly place to be for all.

The digital world is no different to the offline world when it comes to the diversity of people and the views they hold. That’s why it’s vital that we respect each other’s opinions and refrain from using defamatory, racist, abusive, homophobic, transphobic, violent or obscene language.

To keep our social media channels friendly and welcoming to all, we reserve the right to block or ban a user.

In considering whether a user has breached our social media guidelines we will monitor our channels and adopt the following protocols on moderating content, we will:

  • Delete a comment if it is abusive, offensive and/or contains expletives. If an individual continues to behave in this manner, they will be blocked
  • Ban a user when they are abusive, offensive or insult a member of staff, an elected member or another user on one or more occasions
  • Remove content copied from elsewhere, for which you do not own the copyright
  • Remove post that publicise an individual’s personal information, such as contact details