Elections 2023

The next scheduled Local Government Elections and Parish Elections will to be held on 4 May 2023.

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Voter ID

You will need to bring voter ID to vote at a polling station on 4 May 2023.

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Find your polling station

You can check where your polling station is online.

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Accessibility at polling stations

We are committed to ensuring that the voting process should be accessible to all voters and we offer a range of support to enable voters to vote independently or with assistance.

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Guidance for candidates and agents

The Electoral Commission provides a series of comprehensive guides and resources to support candidates and agents on the Electoral Commission website, which includes resources for standing as a independent candidate (Part 2a) and resources for standing as a party candidate (Part 2b).

Please note that there is an extra day to submit nominations papers. The Notice of Election has been brought forward to Friday 24 March, with nomination papers now able to be submitted by hand from Monday 27 March. Nomination papers must be completed by 4pm on Tuesday 4 April.

The election timetable, nomination papers and supporting forms will also be available on their website on publication:

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Local government elections

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Parish elections

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Candidates and agents briefing session

The candidates and agents briefing sessions were held on Thursday 9 March and Tuesday 14 March virtually on Microsoft Teams.

Candidates and agents briefing slides

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Candidate expenses Information

Rules for election expenses for joint candidates

You are joint candidates if you stand in the same ward and fulfil at least one of the following criteria:

  • have the same election agent
  • use the same campaign rooms
  • publish joint material

If two candidates are joint candidates their spending limits would have to be reduced by a quarter, 25%. If three or more candidates are joint candidates their spending limits would have to be reduced by a third, 33%.

See further guidance from the Electoral Commission website Part 3 of the candidate and agents guidance.