Proxy voting

A proxy vote means that you appoint someone to vote on your behalf if you are unable to get to the polling station on Election Day, providing you appear on the electoral register.

Before you apply

You can ask anyone to act as your proxy if you cannot vote in person as long as they are registered to vote and it’s for a type of election they’re allowed to vote in.

How to apply

You can apply on the GOV.UK website or by post. If you are already registered to vote by post the deadline to change from a postal vote to a proxy vote is 5pm, 11 working days before polling day.  

For the application you will need:

  • the address where you are registered to vote
  • a photograph of your signature on on plain, white paper that is clear and light
  • your national insurance number

If you aren't registered to vote by post the deadline for making an application for a proxy vote is 5pm, 6 working days before polling day.  

Apply online

If you are unable to submit an application online, contact us and we will post a form to you.

Who can be your proxy

Anyone who is eligible to vote in the election can be your proxy. However, there is now a limit to the amount of people someone can be a proxy for.

You can act as a proxy for two people. If you vote on behalf of UK voters who live overseas, you can act as a proxy for up to four people (but only two of those can live in the UK). Your proxy can apply to vote by post on your behalf.

Emergency proxy voting application forms

You may be able to apply for an emergency proxy vote if the deadline to apply for a proxy vote has passed. Further information regarding applying for an emergency proxy vote can be found on the Electoral Commission website. The deadline to apply to vote by emergency proxy is 5pm on polling day.

Privacy notice

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