Corporate Plan

Our Corporate Plan describes the Council’s vision and priorities for the borough and the priorities we have identified as an organsiation as being key to the delivery of that vision.

It includes an overview of our strategies which provide the detail of what the council will do and how we will work with our communities and our partners to deliver change to Trafford in line with these commitments.

At the heart of our vision is a common cause – we want to make Trafford a better borough. We want to make it a place where everyone has a chance to succeed and where everybody has a voice. We know we need to do things differently as the Council cannot do it all.

The Council, by virtue of its democratic mandate, will lead the way in ensuring that this is a shared endeavour and that across Trafford there will be a more joined up approach to service delivery. Through our new vision, we are making a commitment to work together across different services and agencies to make the best use of our resources. It is aligned with our aspirations as we develop the future model for our statutory obligations and existing partnership arrangements.