Removing barriers for disabled people

Getting a job or education, getting between home and work, going out to enjoy ourselves are activities most of us take for granted. But for too many disabled people these ordinary aspects of life remain difficult to achieve.

Removing the barriers that exclude or disable people who have impairments can bring about change that can make a real difference to the people we serve.

Support organisations

Below are a number of organisations that provide support for disabled people.

Being There

Being There is a local charity providing emotional support and practical assistance to people with cancer and other life-limiting illnesses.

Beyond Empower

Supporting healthy, active lives for disabled people by transforming mainstream spaces and services 

Beyond Empower website

Beyond Empower Facebook page

Breakthrough UK

Breakthrough UK - including disabled people.

GM Disabled People’s Panel 

GM Disabled People's Panel

Trafford Deaf Partnership

Trafford Deaf Partnership is a place where those with an interest in the Trafford Deaf community meet to discuss issues and try to facilitate change and improve access for Deaf people within Trafford.

Trafford Deaf Advocacy and well being service

Our Trafford Deaf Advocacy Service supports deaf, hard of hearing, deafened and deaf blind people within the Trafford area. We support the deaf community to access and benefit from health and social care services, to remove barriers to health care and improve the quality of life.

Trafford Deaf Advocacy and well being service leaflet for professionals.