Service Delivery Policy Statement

Trafford Council has produced an Equality and Diversity in Service Delivery Policy Statement to demonstrate our commitment to providing services to local people that respond to the diverse needs of service users.

As one of the largest providers of a wide range of services for local people in Trafford, the Council is committed to challenging inequality, discrimination and disadvantage. Trafford Council is also committed to achieving the highest standard of service delivery and employment practice.

This Policy complements Trafford Council's Equality and Diversity Employment Policy Statement

Equality of opportunity in service delivery is cost effective because it helps the Council to plan and target its services efficiently. Equality in service delivery has to involve consultation with service users about their needs to take full account of the views and expectations of people and involve them in the decision-making processes.

The Policy Statement can be made available in a variety of formats and translations on request.

  • Equality & Diversity in Service Delivery Policy Statement