Draft Older People's Housing Strategy 2019-2024 Consultation - January 2019

Let’s talk with you about … housing for the future

We know that people will make different decisions about where they live as they get older. Some will want to stay living in the same place; others will look to move to more manageable homes; and some will feel that housing with support best suits their needs.

So we’d like to know: What are your plans?

If you live in Trafford and are starting to think about where you want to live as you get older, we’d really love to hear from you.

We want to hear from home owners and renters, and people living in all types of properties.

If you’ve already moved, we’d also really like to hear about your reasons for moving.

This is your chance to influence:

  • supported housing services for older people;
  • the sort of accommodation on offer to older people;
  • the amount of accommodation that is built; and
  • where it is built.

Although this questionnaire is aimed at people aged 55 and over, we welcome views about older people’s housing from Trafford residents of any age.

Visit the Survey Monkey website to fill in our survey

Everyone that completes the online survey will have the chance to be entered into a free prize draw to win a £100 Love to Shop gift voucher.

The questionnaire has been kindly sponsored by Kingsley Healthcare.

Kingsley Healthcare

If you have any queries or need any assistance with the survey, please contact us at housing.strategy@trafford.gov.uk.

The consultation period ends 11.45pm on Sunday 17 February 2019.