Household survey 2019 - FAQs

  1. What is the Household Survey 2018?
    This survey will assist the Council in the development of a housing evidence for use in housing need and demand analysis and modelling of future housing requirements for all types of property within the Trafford Council Area. The survey and related data analysis will include an need and demand assessment of housing across all tenures including social and affordable rented, owner-occupied and private-rented homes.
  2. Who will carry out the survey?
    Arc4 have been commissioned by Trafford Council to carry out the survey and to report on its findings. Arc4 have substantial experience across the UK in housing need and demand studies. Details of the lead contact managers are shown later in this information pack.
  3. How will the survey be undertaken?
    It is not possible to survey every house in the area but we can get accurate information by surveying a sample of households across Trafford. The sample in Trafford contains approximately 12,230 properties selected at random.
  4. What is involved in the survey?
    Each house identified on the sample list will receive a postal survey. The survey provides more information on the survey process and how to complete the questions as well as offering an online completion option and a freephone support line for any queries.  
  5. What will the information be used for?
    The data collected by the surveyors is to help Trafford Council build a picture of the need and demand for different types of housing by different types of households and will assist the Council in understand what size, types and location of housing that is required. All information is strictly confidential.
  6. How will householders know if their home is included in the random sample?
    All householders of properties randomly selected will be receive a letter and survey with a freepost envelope. The letter will outline the purpose of the survey and give details of a Freephone facility for enquiries. The letter will have a unique reference number that should be quoted when using the Freephone. The Freephone number is 0800 612 9133.
  7. Is the survey voluntary?
    In order to get a true picture of all housing it is important that as many households as possible take part. The survey is voluntary and householder’s assistance will be greatly appreciated. However, should a householder not wish to take part, they should simply not complete the survey and recycle the booklet and related material. 
  8. When will the survey be carried out?
    The survey will be carried out over the period April to Tuesday, 7th May 2019.
  9. Who are the main contact managers for the survey?
    The management of the survey is the responsibility of arc4. The main contact manager is:

    Scott Brand
    Research Director
    Tel: 0800 612 9133