Housing Policies, Strategies & Data

The ways in which our housing services are run and developed, and the way decisions are made, are guided by a number of policies, strategy documents and data collected:

Draft Older People’s Housing Strategy 2019-2024

Trafford Council currently does not have an Older People’s Housing Strategy.

A Draft Older People’s Housing Strategy has been prepared to address this gap with a focus on people aged over 55. Consultation on the draft strategy took place during October / November 2019. The new strategy is currently being amended following the consultation and will be launched early 2020.

Please visit our consultation page for more information.

Empty Homes Strategy 2019-2024

The new Empty Homes Strategy (2019-2024) has been produced to identify key priorities and actions to be delivered by the Council and other stakeholders over the next five years to bring empty homes back into use across Trafford Council area.

The Strategy identifies measures to deliver the Council’s Corporate Objectives of “Building Quality Affordable and Social Housing” Health and Wellbeing “ and “Targeted Support”. and complements the Trafford Housing Strategy 2018-2023.

Trafford Housing Needs Assessment (HNA) 2019

The Trafford Housing Needs Assessment (HNA) 2019 provides the latest available evidence to help to shape the future housing and related strategies and policies of the area. This study will complement the Greater Manchester (GM) Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) by providing detailed local information and support the development of the new local plan.

For more information, visit the Trafford Housing Needs Assessment (HNA) 2019 webpage

Housing Strategy 2018-2023

Our Housing Strategy has been developed to identify the key housing priorities for the borough and the measures required to deliver them by the Council and other key public and private stakeholders.

If you have any queries, please contact housing.strategy@trafford.gov.uk

Housing strategy annual statement

We have undertaken an annual review of the Trafford Housing Strategy 2018-2023 to determine what we have achieved, what is underway and what we still have left to do. Also a review of national and sub-regional housing policy and strategy has been carried at and an analysis of the housing market in Trafford to ensure that the Trafford Housing Strategy remains up to date.

If you have any queries, please contact housing.strategy@trafford.gov.uk

Homelessness Strategy 2019-2024

The Council has a statutory duty to produce a Homelessness Strategy and our new strategy was formally agreed at Executive on the 18 March 2019.

If you have any queries, please contact housing.strategy@trafford.gov.uk  

Allocations policy 2018

Trafford Council has reviewed the Housing Allocations Policy in light of the changes to homelessness legislation though the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017.

Extensive consultation took place during August and September 2018 and the final version of the Policy is now in place.

The Housing Allocation Policy explains the rules, criteria and procedure that determine how the Council will nominate households to social and affordable rented Registered Provider (RP) properties in the borough. Housing Options Service Trafford (HOST), who provides homelessness and housing advice on behalf of the Council, administer this policy. However the Council is responsible for producing the Policy and ensuring its implementation.

If you have any queries, please contact housing.strategy@trafford.gov.uk

Further details about applying for social housing in Trafford can be found at the following page:

Trafford housing market bulletin

Quarterly, Trafford Council publishes a housing market bulletin. The bulletin will help you to keep track of local and regional housing market data. The following market indicators are included within the bulletin:

  • House Prices
  • Private Rented Housing
  • Empty Properties
  • Mortgage Repossessions
  • Housing Affordability
  • New House Building
  • Local Monitoring Data


Trafford Housing Market Bulletin Q4 2019/20

Trafford Housing Market Bulletin Q3 2019/20

Trafford Housing Market Bulletin Q2 2019/20

Trafford Housing Market Bulletin Q1 2019-2020