Older Peoples' Housing Strategy 2020-2025

An Older Peoples’ Housing Strategy (2020-2025) has been produced to identify key priorities and actions to be delivered by the Council and other stakeholders over the next five years. The aim of the Strategy is to deliver an integrated approach to the housing needs of older people in the borough. This includes a focus on enabling older people to remain in their own homes and to make active and informed choices where necessary or desired. It also includes a focus on suitable housing, care and support, while maximising independence and quality of life.

The strategy identifies some key themes to improve the range and quantity of housing provision for older people, and contains an action plan and priorities for the Council to explore.

The vision for the Older Peoples’ Housing Strategy 2020-2025 is:

Work together to provide a range of quality, affordable and attractive housing options to enable older people to live independently in Trafford

The strategic priorities are:

  1. Improve the quality and standard of existing housing for older people in Trafford.
  2. Increase the availability and range of suitable housing options for older people within Trafford.
  3. Enable older people in Trafford to live independently.
  4. Create and foster partnerships that work to deliver effective health and social care provision, support services and high quality housing to older people across Trafford.

If you have any queries please contact housing.strategy@trafford.gov.uk.