Empty property strategy

There are in excess 2,500 empty properties in Trafford, of which over a thousand have been empty for more than 6 months. Empty properties are a wasted resource, particularly in an area like Trafford with high levels of demand for all types of housing. Empty homes can also have an adverse effect on local neighbourhoods, creating blight and attracting vandalism.

Returning empty properties to use eases pressure on the housing stock, improves the neighbourhood environment and meets housing need.

However, some empty properties are needed to allow the housing market to function properly.

The Council's new Empty Property Strategy sets out the approach the Council will adopt to target resources at the most problematic empty homes, and those with the greatest potential to meet housing need.

We consulted widely on the Empty Property Strategy for 12 weeks between March and June 2011.

See a summary of the consultation process and what people said.

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