Business Rates Grants

Did you know that you can you view your business rates account online?  If you haven’t signed up yet you can easily register for an account online and start getting your bills by email.

The Chancellor has announced a number of measures to support businesses, one of which is the award of business grants to eligible businesses with a rateable value less than  £51k. 

The types of grants being given to businesses fall into one of two schemes:

  • Scheme 1 – Small Business Grant Fund
    You will be eligible for a grant payment of £10,000 if you are in receipt of small business rates relief or rural rate relief or
  • Scheme 2 – Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Business Grants Fund
    You will be eligible for a grant payment of £10,000 where your rateable value is up and including £15,000 and £25,000 where your rateable value is greater than £15,000 and less than £51,000.

The grants are subject to state aid limits. Find out more about this and check if you are eligible online

These are grants which do not have to be repaid. The grant is intended to help businesses meet their on-going costs. There are no conditions attached to receiving this money. 

Scheme 1 – Small Business Grant Fund  

We have already written to you asking you for your bank details if our records indicate that you qualify under Scheme 1. Don’t worry if you can't access the letter from your premises, you can find a copy of the contents below, including links on how to apply for the grants online:

If you haven’t completed the online form yet you should do this as soon as possible, as we cannot process your grant without it

We started to make payments on 1 April and we will write to let you know once we have processed your form.

Scheme 2 – Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Business Grants Fund

If we think you are eligible under Scheme 2 and we have your bank details already (because you pay by direct debit), we will award the grant automatically without the need for you to complete an online form. We are expecting to start to make these payments week commencing 6 April.

If we do not have your bank details we will write to you and ask you to complete our online form. Don’t worry if you can't access the letter from your premises, you can find a copy of the contents below, including links on how to apply for the grants online:

If you don’t pay by direct debit, or you are not sure if we have your bank details, you don’t need to wait until you receive a letter to complete the online application form. You should complete the form straight away so that we can process your grant as quickly as possible.

If you think you are eligible for either grant, but haven’t heard from us by two
weeks from the date of your application, please email us at

Important note regarding external agents

You do not need to employ Rating Agents or other organisations outside of the Council to claim the support that is available. These agents will probably take a percentage of any relief or grant they claim on your behalf. Please be extra careful with what you sign and how you respond to organisations that may contact you offering support.


I am a business that falls under the extended retail scheme, when will I get my bill showing that I do not need to pay?
For all the companies that fall under the extended Retail Discount Scheme, we will be re-issuing revised business rates bills as soon as possible.
I qualify for the extended retail discount scheme (holiday scheme). Will you still request my direct debit payments? Do I need to cancel my direct debit?
We will not request any direct debit payments on 1 April 2020. If you qualify for the extended retail discount scheme, you will receive a revised account as soon as possible. You do not need to cancel your direct debit at this time.
The Business Support Grant and the Retail Hospitality &Leisure Business Grants on line forms   both request details of State Aid monies received during last three years. What is this and how would I find out if I have received this?

State Aid De Minimis Limits apply to government awards to businesses, such as Retail Discount (from 1/4/2019), Pub Relief (1/4/17 to 31/3/2018) and Revaluation Support Rate Relief (1/4/2017 to 31/3/2020). The State Aid De Minimis Regulations state that the combination of the above reliefs and discounts PLUS the Small Business Grant or Retail, Hospitality & Leisure Grant must not exceed 800,000 euros for the period 1/4/2018 to 31/3/2021. To complete the online form for either of the Government business grants, the relief/discount would have been shown on your business rates bill at that time.

To view your bills for the past three years you should register for online access

I currently receive small business rates relief. When will I receive my grant?
You should read through the information above and then follow the appropriate link to complete either an online form for the Business Support Grant (those in receipt of small business / rural rate reliefs) or the Retail, Hospitality & Leisure Business Grants Fund.
I am self-employed and work from home, do I qualify for the Business Support Grant?
If you are not receiving the small business rates relief against your business rates account, then you will not qualify for this grant.
My business does not fall under the definition of retail, hospitality or leisure. What schemes are available to my business?
To help businesses at this unprecedented time, we will put on hold all business rates recovery action until 1 July 2020. If you do not feel that you can pay any backdated instalments by this date, please email and request the 2020/21 balance to be recalculated from 1 July to 1 March. Other Government schemes can be found on the GOV.UK website
Due to the coronavirus, I am having to temporarily close my business. Do I still need to pay business rates?
If your business falls under the retail, hospitality or leisure definition, any temporary closure will be treated as occupied and you will still be entitled to the full extended retail discount until 31 March 2021.
I have a balance to pay on my 2019/20 liability. Will the Extended Retail Discount scheme cover this?
No, you remain liable to pay any business rates due up to and including 31 March 2020. If you are experiencing financial difficulties and cannot pay the outstanding balance as yet, please email to arrange an extended payment period.


Grant Payments as of 08 June 2020


Grant Payments
 Grant funding schemeNumber of grant payments made to hereditaments as at 08 June 2020 Value of payments (£)

Small Business Grant Fund (SBGF)

Eligible for a payment of £10,000

 2585  £25,850,000.00

Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Grant (RHLG)

Rateable Value: <=15,000

Eligible for a payment of £10,000

 284  £2,840,000.00

Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Grant (RHLG)

Rateable Value:>15,000 & <51,000

Eligible for a payment of £25,000

 521  £13,025,000.00
 TOTAL  3390  £41,715,000.00