FAQs for businesses paying by direct debit

Why did you not claim my April instalment by direct debit?

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic and the government’s announcement that it was introducing changes to the business rates retail discount to increase the amount to 100%, include leisure & hospitality sectors and remove the rateable value limit, it was decided to defer claiming the April instalment by direct debit. This was because it was likely that the changes would impact direct debit payers, with some no longer having to pay any business rates for the financial year 2021. It would also allow us to interpret the new guidance and implement the new relief as soon as possible.

When will you claim my April instalment?

We have decided that to assist businesses financially, rather than claim the April instalment as one payment it will spread the instalment over your remaining instalment plan.

Why have I received a new business rates bill?

As stated in the second question above, we have recalculated your remaining instalment plan to incorporate the unclaimed April instalment. The amended instalments are shown on the new bill you have received.

Can I extend my new instalment plan?

Yes. If your new instalment plan is calculated to January or February 2021, you can extend your instalments to March 2021. If you wish to do this please contact the business rates section by email at business.rates@trafford.gov.uk 

Please be aware that due to the timescales, the recalculation will not affect your July instalment, which will be claimed as shown on your new bill.