Community Asset Transfer of Old Trafford Sports Barn

Further information and updates on the Community Asset Transfer (CAT) of Old Trafford Sports Barn (OTSB).

We have been reviewing our leisure facilities as part of our Leisure Investment Plan. Part of the review included considerations for investment into our Leisure Facilities through a Strategic Outcomes Planning Model, the outcome of this review and this model was to consider alternative management options for OTSB.

In November 2021, a recommendation was made to the council executive to consider CAT for OTSB, building on previous successful CAT of Stretford Public Hall, Georg H Carnall and Walton Sports Complex. The recommendation also built on an initial feasibility study conducted by Pulse Regeneration in 2018.


To attract interest in the CAT of OTSB, our officers have drafted a Prospectus to set out the key elements interested bidders would need to consider in developing a business case for this process.

In developing this prospectus an emphasis was placed on community engagement and involvement, as well as a review of key data and insight for the area that Old Trafford Sports Barn serves. We also conducted a digital survey through our Citizen Space platform. Anonymised responses to this survey were also considered in shaping the prospectus and were shared with organisations that had submitted an expression of interest in the Community Asset Transfer.

Community Engagement

As stated above and within the prospectus community engagement and involvement is a key aspect of the process, to aid with this, we intend to meet with residents, users and stakeholder throughout the process and below are the scheduled community drop-ins. More dates will be added as the process develops.

All drop-ins are scheduled for 5-7pm at Old Trafford Sports Barn.

  • November 16 2022 – Postponed due to by Election
  • January 11 2023
  • March 15 2023


  • Officers have recommended to Executive that the decision on the CAT is deferred to July 2023