Grant to claim back the cost of your premises licence annual fee

You can apply here for an Additional Restrictions Grant to claim back the cost of your premises licence annual fee.

Before submitting an application for the Additional Restrictions Grant, please have the following information to hand:

  • Your premises licence details.
  • A copy of your latest company bank statement (issued within the last three months and clearly showing the name of the business or ratepayer; address; sort code and account number).

To comply with government guidelines, the annual maintenance fee will need to be paid to the Council in advance of a grant being awarded.

Grant application form

  • Contact Information
    Please provide your contact details below.
  • Name of person submitting this application


The Government and the Council will not accept deliberate manipulation and fraud.

Any business caught falsifying their records to gain additional grant money will face prosecution and any funding issued will be recovered, as may any grants paid in error.

The Government is supporting local councils to make the necessary checks to ensure payments can be verified and have been made correctly.

The Council will be able to withhold payments and/or recall payments from businesses who are not adhering to the local and/or national restrictions that are in place, as this is part of the eligibility requirements.

Data sharing

Trafford Council will use your data for the processing of your Restart Grant application.

We may check the information you provide or the information about you which somebody else provides, with other details we hold. If the law allows us, we may also receive information from other people or organisations or give information to them to check the accuracy of records, to prevent or detect crime, or to protect public funds in other ways.

All information is processed in accordance with the Council’s data protection policy.

Trafford Council will record, retain and publish records of grant payments issued, which must be shared with the Government upon request. The information will be used by the Government for monitoring and evaluation purposes, as as well as for prevention and detection of fraud and/or other criminal activities and for suspension and/or recovery of the grant where necessary. The Government may share information for the purpose of counter fraud activity and debt recovery with other government departments, agencies and/or local authorities.