New Private Hire or Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence

Before applying you will need to make a £142.00 payment into the Licensing Fund online, selecting ‘New Private Hire Vehicle Licence Plate or New Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence Plate’ from the service to pay for. When making the online payment, please use your Vehicle Registration Mark as the reference.

Please keep a record of the receipt number, you will need this to enter on the application form below.

Trafford Council has a policy on the age of vehicles it will license as follows:

  • Private Hire vehicles must be less than 5 years old at the time of application and the licence will not be renewed once the vehicle reaches 10 years old
  • Private Hire vehicles that are wheelchair accessible must be less than 7 years old at the time of application and the licence will not be renewed once the vehicle reaches 15 years old
  • Hackney Carriages Vehicles must be less than 7 years old at the time of application and the licence will not be renewed once the vehicle reaches 15 years old

 There are no exceptional circumstances to the age policy for new to license or replacement vehicles.

If your vehicle has been modified or has more than four passengers, you will need a Seating Configuration. You can arrange a Seating Configuration by contacting

  • Before you start.....
    This form is to apply for a new Private Hire or Hackney Carriage Vehicle Licence during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • First, you need to make payment of £142.00 using the Civica Pay function for your application, this form will ask for the receipt reference number. Complete this form with all required documentation. The Licensing Officer will check your application and will then send your new licence plate in the post by Special Delivery.
  • All applicants must own the vehicle and are required to upload images of the following documents: Insurance Certificate, Compliance Certificate from a nominated vehicle testing station, and Page 1 & 2 of your V5C Log Book. If applicable, a Seating Configuration and Exceptional Condition Test (Age Test). If you do not have a full log book and do not require a seating configuration - the Licensing Officer will accept the new keeper slip but will issue a temporary licence until the full log book is received.
  • Contact Information
  • 1. Name
  • 2. Address
  • Vehicle Details
    A description of the section goes here.
  • 9. Are you the registered keeper of the vehicle?
  • 10. Has the vehicle been modified?
  • 11. Is the vehicle fitted with a fare meter?
  • 12. Is the vehicle fitted with a car phone?
  • 13. Is the vehicle fitted with a two-way radio?
  • 14. Is the vehicle wheelchair accessible?
  • Document Upload
    Please take care in uploading your documents. We do accept images from a mobile device but please be mindful that these documents are to be scanned to your licence record, so they must be clear and legible for the Licensing Officer to process your application.
  • A good image can be taken by placing the document on a flat surface and taking a photograph from above, close enough to be able to read all of the necessary information. This step is crucial in having the Licensing Officer process your application in a timely manner.
  • Seating Configuration
    Vehicles over 4 passengers will also require a Seating Configuration, conducted by our Enforcement Support Officers before we accept the application. Please contact the Licensing Team at so they can book the seating examination. You will need to have the Full logbook before we can conduct the examination.
  • Vehicle Restrictions
    There is no restriction on most models except the following : MERCEDES VITO – MUST BE WHITE OR SILVER PEUGEOT E7 – MUST NOT BE BLACK NO CAT C OR D VEHICLES – unless an independent assessor’s report is provided at application stage
  • Declaration
    Applicants are advised that to make knowingly or recklessly a false statement or omit any material information from this application is a criminal offence.
  • 1. I/We declare that the information given in this application is true. If a Licence is granted, I/We undertake to comply with all the conditions attached to the said Licence. I/We understand that if I/We or My/Our employees infringe or neglect to comply with any of the conditions, Acts or Bye-laws subject to which the Licence is held, the Licence shall be liable to be revoked or not renewed by the Council.
  • 2. Trafford Council is under a duty to protect the public funds it administers, and to this end may use the information you have provided on this form for the prevention and detection of fraud. It may also share this information with other bodies responsible for auditing or administering public funds for these purposes. For further information, see