Hypnotism Authorisation

Any exhibition, demonstration or performance of hypnotism (as defined in the Hypnotism Act 1952) on any person requires the written consent from us.

Hypnotism for the purpose of this application includes hypnotism, mesmerism and any similar act or process which produces or is intended to produce in any person any form of induced sleep or trance in which the susceptibility of the mind of that person to suggestion or direction is increased or intended to be increased, but does not include hypnotism, mesmerism or any such similar act or process which is self induced.


  • You are must apply at least 28 days before your performance (unless you have staged hypnotism at the same venue within the past 3 years without incident)
  • You must hold a Club, Premises Licence or Temporary Event Notice
  • Provide details of your last 3 performances (when and where)
  • Declare any previous refusals of a hypnotism permit or convictions related to staged hypnotism
  • Public Liability insurance if the venue’s insurance doesn’t cover your performance
  • Add to any performance poster, advertisement or programme the words “volunteers, who must be aged 18 or older, can refuse at any point to continue taking part in the performance”
  • Basic DBS Certificate dated within 1 month
  • Consent of the licence holder


There is no cost for this application.

Processing and timescles

Applications are to be received no less than 28 days before the performance, unless a shorter time period is agreed in advance in individual circumstances.

Upon receipt of the application, Greater Manchester Police will be consulted. Where there is no objection the application will be granted and the consent issued. Where there are objections or it is considered appropriate to refer the decision of the application to the Public Protection Sub-Committee, a hearing will be scheduled and you will be notified.


Consent is valid for a performance of stage hypnotism only. However, consent can be given for a event which covers several consistent days.


If you stage hypnotism for entertainment purposes without a licence or break any of the conditions on your permit, you could be fined up to £1,000.

Relevant regulation

How to apply

You can apply for the authorisation online. 

Apply online

Consumer Complaints

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Trade associations

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