Private Hire and Hackney Carriage Licences

New Licences

Driver Application Process

The process for new drivers including the Knowledge test and how to book.

New Driver Licence Application

Before you apply you must have passed the Knowledge test and completed the Induction course.

Apply for an Expired Licence

Apply for a new licence if yours has expired within the last 6 months.

New Vehicle Licence

Apply for a new vehicle licence.

Existing Licences

Taxi Vehicle Transfer

Transfer your current licence to a new vehicle.

Owner Transfer

Transfer the ownership of the vehicle.

Apply to renew a Driver Licence

Renew a current driver licence.

Apply to renew a Vehicle Licence

Renew a current vehicle licence. 

Additional Badge

Apply for an additional licence to your current licence

Further Information

Private Hire Operators Licence

Apply for a new licence or renew your existing licence. 

Accident Notification

Notify us of an accident.

Taxi Licence Change of Address

Notify us of a change of address.

Lost or Replacement Licence

 How to replate a vehicle plate, window stickers, badge or paper licence

Surrender Notification

Surrender your plate, badge or operator licence

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

The list of wheelchair accessible licenced taxis and PHVs within Trafford.


The Licensing Team can investigate complaints made about Private Hire and Hackney Carriage taxis.