Advertising in Trafford

The Borough of Trafford has a population of more than 212,000, with the area including the 4 key towns of Altrincham, Sale, Stretford and Urmston. There are 10,000 businesses in the borough, which also contains Trafford Park, home to over 1,400 businesses employing some 40,000 people.

Trafford is also home to a number of world renowned venues and attractions that lure visitors to the area everyday and include Manchester United, Lancashire County Cricket Club, the Imperial War Museum North, Intu Trafford Centre and Dunham Massey Hall. These sites entice millions of visitors every year, raising the profile of the areas surrounding the venues and key routes to them.

The M60 and M56 run through Trafford and there is easy access to the M6 corridor. Trafford is also adjacent to Manchester and Stockport. This means there are ever increasing numbers of people who live, work or travel through the Borough every day.

There are a number of ways your company can reach these audiences to effectively market your products and services.

Advertising Opportunities

Trafford offers organisations the opportunity to promote products and services within heavy traffic flow and footfall areas of the Borough.

Advertising on 6 Sheets

  • For advertising on illuminated, free standing six sheet units in areas of major traffic flow and footfall in the borough, please send an email to Advertising

Advertising on roundabouts and boundary signs

Around Trafford the council has created high quality roundabout, verge and boundary advertising signs which effectively enable local business to raise their profile in the Borough. These advertising opportunities are managed by a third party supplier on our behalf.

For more information, please contact Advertising 

Advertising on Banners

Promoting businesses on lamp post banners along major roads and highways, and close to some of the most influential brands and attractions in the borough will ensure increased awareness of your business and the prospect of escalated sales and profits: the perfect blend of corporate and environmental awareness.

Lamp post banners are available on key routes in Old Trafford, Sale, Timperly and Urmston. These advertising opportunities are managed by a third party supplier. For more information, please contact  Advertising