Bogus callers

If in doubt - keep them out.

Bogus callers may pose as "officials", be smartly dressed and even produce an ID card. Always check with the organisation they claim to be from-a genuine caller will not mind if you keep them waiting on the doorstep while you ring their employer. Better still, have telephone numbers to hand to check with utility companies and the council and set up passwords with them to ensure you only let in genuine representatives.

It is never a good idea to use tradesmen who knock at your door out of the blue offering to tarmac your drive or repair your roof. No matter how persistent they are and no matter how good the price might seem it's always worth refusing their offer and getting quotes from tradesmen you know to be reliable to get their opinion - you may not even need the work doing.

Here are a few steps to follow whenever an unexpected caller arrives on your door:

  • Never do business on the doorstep.
  • Never allow strangers into your home.
  • Always ask for ID and do not let the caller in unless you have verified their identity with their employer.
  • Always lock the back door when you answer the front - use a chain or look through the window.
  • Never keep large sums of money in the house.
  • If you are suspicious ring the police on 101, or in an emergency 999.
  • If you have signed a contract in your home you may be entitled to cancel – for advice on this call the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 040506
  • Lock - Stop - Chain - Check.

Choosing a Trader

The best way to choose a trader is by recommendation from friends or family you can also ring Age UK or contact Trustmark for advice on choosing a trader.