Early years and childcare coronavirus information

The key government guidance can be found below:

Current situation

Early years and childcare settings are now open across the Borough.

View the Trafford Early Education communications page for the latest news and updates.

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Reporting suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19

If you have a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 in your setting, you should email CovidTrace@trafford.gov.uk with your setting name and a description of the scenario. Trafford Public Health will then advise you of the next steps that you need to take.

Within 14 days of a confirmed case you must inform Ofsted who may request sight of your COVID risk assessments.

Reporting a closure

If you are an early years setting or childminder in Trafford and you are going to close completely for all children, you need to report this to us immediately by emailing earlyyears.business@trafford.gov.uk and notify Ofsted.

Sufficiency and places

We have an ongoing duty to monitor supply and demand for early years places as part of our coronavirus response to ensure we have enough places available for children.

The Department of Education require all settings that are open to provide information on the number of children attending. This is a mandatory return so that we are fully aware of any change in supply and demand. We request this information from providers via email and ask that you respond to this.

Updated safeguarding policy

Recent guidance requires all education settings to update their safeguarding policies and practice as part of the coronavirus response.

The early years model safeguarding policy has been updated with the Trafford Strategic Safeguarding Partnership to reflect the coronavirus outbreak. This policy has been devised to sit alongside your current policy.

Coronavirus Act 2020

Under the Coronavirus Act 2020 local authorities have been given new legal powers to open and close educational and childcare settings. Section 37 and 38 of the Act are the sections that refer to these powers: