Emergency Response Fund

Trafford Council’s COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund exists to support the relief of poverty, both at times of crises and following the impact of those crises that affect the population of Trafford.

We will support activity that meets the following criteria:


The fund supports the work of applicants from organisations which are:

  • Incorporated or Unincorporated organisation.
  • Able to provide evidence of:
    • A Constitution
    • A Committee of 3 plus individuals (unrelated)
    • A Bank Account


The fund supports work aim at:

  • Beneficiaries who live or work in the Borough of Trafford who are experiencing poverty.
  • Beneficiaries who are experiencing a crisis or vulnerability.


The fund supports work which aims to tackle the relief of poverty in times of crises, including:

  • Directly alleviating social isolation and improving wellbeing
  • Directly providing basic provisions such as food, essential household goods, medication, and energy supply
  • Directly providing information and advice on support that is available
  • Enabling access to provisions for people who may be able to afford to purchase items but may need assistance in overcoming other barriers (for example mobility, mental health or social distancing requirements). Please note we will not fund basic provisions for people who are not in economic hardship


Funding may be provided for the following costs directly incurred from delivering eligible activity:

  • Staffing costs
  • Volunteer expenses
  • Equipment, resources and provisions (for example food)
  • Staff/volunteer training
  • Core costs


All applications for support must meet the above eligibility criteria and will then be assessed against four following areas to ensure funding resources are maximised and provide the greatest impact across Trafford:

  • Value for money
  • Impact on beneficiaries
  • Partnership working and complimentary activities
  • Inclusivity

Data Sharing

This fund is operating alongside other local funding support available through Trafford Housing Trust’s Covid-19 Emergency Response Fund and the Trafford Crisis Fund. To ensure a joined-up approach and to maximise resources, the details of applications made to Trafford Council’s COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund will be shared with the other two funding sources.

An organisation cannot apply to more than one source of funding for the same project. If an application is declined by one funding pot it will not be considered by either of the other two funding sources.