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Service update

Householder planning applications

We have now allocated the backlog of householder planning applications to Planning Officers.  We will be working through these over the next couple of months.  We have returned to allocating applications once valid, with processes in place to improve determination periods and reduce the time taken to receive a decision. This transition will take some time to embed and we again thank you for your patience as we work through this.

As we move forward there will be shift in our approach to negotiations and amendments once an application has been submitted. We will only accept amendments to an application where they are minor and in limited circumstances, see amendments to applications section for more information. If you are proposing a complex house extension or remodelling project we strongly advise that you use our pre application service where we can provide advice and guidance prior to the planning application being submitted.

Amendments to applications

All planning application proposals should be designed to comply with the local plan Core Strategy policies, Supplementary Planning Document SPD4 and the relevant SPD5 & 5a if the proposal is located within or adjacent to a conservation area. Read these documents carefully and ensure that your extension complies with the guidance and management plan policies.

Where a submitted application does not comply with the above policy and guidance, your planning application will normally be refused. In some circumstances, we may contact you or your agent* to ask for an amendment, but only where we are satisfied that such an amendment is minor and it can be dealt with within the scope of this application.

  • In these cases we will give you a timescale (usually 2/3 weeks) for submitting an amendment and tell you what amendments should be made.
  • You should ensure that the submitted amendments completely align with the request from the case officer, as this will be your only chance to amend your application.
  • If your amendment is not received within the identified timeframe or does not address the issues raised, then the decision will be made on the original application submission, and your application is likely to be refused.

If an application is refused then you can:

  • Resubmit an amended application to address our concerns. Currently, a fee would not be payable for a resubmission within 12 months of a refusal when it is for the same site, with a similar description, made by the same applicant and a fee was paid for the previous application
  • Appeal to the Planning Inspectorate, who will review the Council’s decision.

*If you have an agent we will only discuss the application with them.

Making representations

If you wish to make representations (objecting or in support) on an application use the online Search and Track facilities otherwise known as Public Access. You will in the first instance need to register and then you are able to make representations on the relevant application. We will be referring all representations to the online system.

Planning enforcement complaints

If you suspect an alleged breach of planning control, you should provide a written complaint so that we can carry out an investigation. You can report breaches of planning control by email to Include as much information as you can, including photographs if you have them.

More information about planning enforcement.

General enquiries and queries

If you have a general planning query, the general planning telephone number (0161 912 3149) is currently being answered by our customer call centre— Access Trafford—who are taking a high volume of calls at the moment.

You can find answers to the most frequent queries either on our Planning Pages or on the Planning Portal, both these sites provide a range of planning information.

If you still need to contact us, you can email us at, though there may be some delay in responding to you.