Archived applications and completion certificate requests

A completion certificate is a legal document that is issued once Building Control have inspected and approved a completed project which was the subject of a Building Regulations application. It is a vital document required when attempting to buy or sell a property as it proves the building work carried out has been inspected and that it complies with the applicable legislation at the time the works were carried out.

Trafford Council Building Control are now finding that an increasing amount of original building works have never had a Completion Inspection carried out at the end of the works and therefore no  Completion Certificate issued.  Trafford Building Control now offer a discretionary service that assists in providing a Completion Certificate many years after the original scheme has been completed.

In addition where works were carried out pre 2000 Completion Certificates were not a legal requirement and hence many were not issued to an applicant unless one was specifically requested.

Applications pre 2003 have limited archived information so will take longer to resolve and will always entail site inspections being carried out.

We ask for all requests to be sent by email to the following address

Please Note: responses will take a minimum of 28 working days and all enquiries are dealt with in a strict date received order and required site inspections will be arranged to fit in with current workloads. Any requests must therefore be made in a non-urgent time frame.

Applicable fees

Archive Search Fee (check to see if a completion inspection  was carried out and if a certificate has been previously issued)


Provide a copy of previously issued completion certificate


Process request to reactivate application, carryout a single site inspection and confirm if   works are required to be carried out so a completion certificate can be issued.


Additional site inspections required to be carried out over and above the initial site inspection.

£55.00 per   inspection

All above fees are non-refundable