Fire statements

All applications for planning permission for development which involves the provision of one or more relevant buildings, or development of an existing relevant building or development within the curtilage of a relevant building must be accompanied by a fire statement unless an exemption applies. A relevant building is one which contains two or more dwellings or educational accommodation and meets the height condition: 18 metres or more in height, or seven or more storeys.

The fire statement must be submitted on a form published by the Secretary of State for planning permissions made on or after 1 August 2021. It should set out the fire safety design principles, concepts and standards that have been applied to the development. Where required, the fire statement must be submitted with the planning application, otherwise the application will be invalid.

From 1 August 2021 local planning authorities will be required to place a fire statement submitted with an application for planning permission on Part 2 of the Planning Register.

Early engagement between developers, Trafford Council Planning Development team and relevant consultees is advised. The Planning Development team will be required to consult the HSE as a statutory consultee before granting planning permission.

Further guidance can be found in National Planning Practice Guidance.