Planning agents - accreditation scheme

Are you submitting a householder application? If so then we strongly recommend you employ the service of a professional planning agent to help you design and submit your scheme.

Our accreditation scheme works on the basis of planning agents who:

  • have agreed to abide by a code of practice when submitting householder applications, and

  • have a proven track record for submitting good quality applications

What are accredited agents?

Accredited agents are planning agents who have shown that they fully understand how to submit a properly prepared householder application, meaning that there are no delays when we register the application.

We cannot however, guarantee that the content of the application would be acceptable in planning terms when it is considered.

For more information, please view our accredited agents scheme code of practice.

List of accredited agents

Accredited planning agents

Agent NameTelephoneEmail Address

A & S Inman (Designs) Limited

0161 747 7433

ARC Design Services

0161 928 4433

BlueChip Architecture Ltd

07999 294675

AUD Architects

0161 358 0230

Cube Design Solutions

0161 610 0820

CLS Surveying Limited

079037 20144

DAC Designs

0161 865 9340

EBR Designs

0161 641 2533

FPA Architects

01625 599 605

Hunter Architects & Planners

0161 926 9039

Insight (NW) Ltd

07710 655 920

K.J Ainsworth & Associates

07973 642 021

M and A Design

07595 374 786

Matz Architecture

07919 036 285

PHD Designs

0161 973 9391

PJH Architectural Services

0161 460 0382

Resolute Architecture

07719 917 172

Tsiantar Architects Ltd

0161 928 0034

How can I become an accredited agent?

If you are considering becoming an accredited agent, please read carefully our accredited agent scheme code of practice, together with our checklist.

To apply you have to:

  • agree to abide by the code of practice, and

  • have submitted three consecutive applications in accordance with the agent checklist.

When we receive your signed code of practice, we will:

  • review your last three householder applications submitted, and

  • advise you of your current accreditation status.

When you have submitted three consecutive applications in accordance with the checklist, you will become an 'accredited' planning agent.

Who do I contact?

If you are interested in joining the scheme, please complete and return the code of practice form to:

Planning and Development, Trafford Town Hall, Talbot Road, Stretford, Manchester, M32 0TH


When do the accredited agents meet?

The briefing meetings are usually held at the Trafford Town Hall, Stretford.

If you would like to attend a meeting please contact