Civic Quarter Area Action Plan Main Modifications

Trafford Council has published its Main Modifications to the Civic Quarter Area Action Plan (CQAAP) for consultation. We are now seeking your views on this next, latter stage of the CQAAP. 

The plan area comprises approximately 55 hectares at the heart of Trafford including Trafford Town Hall, the international sporting venue of Lancashire Cricket Club, the old B&Q site and the former Greater Manchester Police headquarters site. The plans include new homes and offices, enhanced leisure facilities, new public realm including a processional route between Lancashire Cricket Club and Manchester United, and improved cycle and pedestrian connections. 

Following public consultation earlier that year, in November 2021 the Council formally submitted the plan to the Secretary of State. An Inspector was subsequently appointed to review the plan and a series of hearing sessions were held at Trafford Town Hall in April 2022. The need for a number of ‘Main Modifications’ to the plan arose as a consequence of feedback received. These comprise changes to the plan, mainly to its policies, which are needed to ensure that the plan is ‘sound’.

The Council is now consulting on these Main Modifications, together with other supporting information. Your comments on this new information are invited. The consultation is for a period of over 7 weeks between 9am on Thursday 14 July 2022 and 5pm on Friday 2 September 2022. This consultation is not an opportunity to resubmit comments on the general principles of the plan or on the content which is proposed to remain unchanged. 

Where to view the documents

The documents undergoing formal consultation (including links to them) are:

View the previous version (the Regulation 19, Publication version) of the CQAAP.

A simple glossary of terms relating to this consultation has been prepared.

How to submit comments

To make comments on the Main Modifications and/or supporting information, all responses must be formally provided to the Council in writing, by either:

  • Filling in our online survey. This has been prepared to help guide you in setting out your response and to ensure that your comments are made in accordance with the purpose of the consultation 
  • Email to:
  • Post to: Civic Quarter AAP Main Modification Consultation, Planning Service, Trafford Council, Trafford Town Hall, Talbot Road, Stretford M32 0TH. 

A name and contact address (preferably e-mail) must be provided. All comments received to this consultation will be made public and will be submitted to the Inspector. Your comments and name (and organisation, if relevant) will be published but any other information will be removed.  

The next stage

Once this consultation has concluded, any representations received will be sent to the Inspector. It will be for the Inspector to determine what additional actions, if any are required to address issues raised. Once any such steps have been completed to the Inspector’s satisfaction, he will complete and issue his final report. Subject to a positive outcome, it is expected that the Council would then adopt the plan. It is hoped that this will take place by the end of this year.             

Finally, if you have any queries about this consultation process, use the email address or postal addresses provided above, or contact Access Trafford on 0161 912 3149